Sometimes I Can't Help But Question Credibility Of This Game

I really like this game, of all the games I play 90% of it is War Thunder.

That being said there are times where I can’t help but question the credibility or “integrity” of the game.

I’ve played 6 AirRB battles today and they were all losses. And its not the fact that they were all losses but the manner in which they were losses.

Over the 6 matches I had 4 R-60s that did not track, and in any other circumstances would. In other words there was no outside reason for them not to track. And by the way,
all four were against planes that did not have flares.

At the same time I got killed 2 times in a hard turn while flaring, from a 9B.

Also during this time I had several missiles hit their target, CLEARLY, and not get credit for the kill.

The first time it happened I thought, well maybe someone else got the kill right as my missile hit and they got the kill. The second time it happened it raised my antenna a little, and the 3rd time I watched the replay.

The third time I was the only plane engaging him and the replay CLEARLY showed my missile getting the kill but it didn’t give me credit for it.

Is something wrong today?

Or am I just ridiculously unlucky?

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Replays or none of it happened

Russian bias.

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Don’t take this in the wrong way and I am not trying to be confrontational but the purpose of me starting this thread is not to convince someone who probably wouldn’t believe regardless.

In my experience the people who respond with the cliche response that you posted have already made up their mind.

If you don’t believe it happened, fine, I’m not bothered by it. Make your opinion known and move on.

I’m not one on here all of the time talking about the game being rigged or how horrible top tier air rb is so don’t put me in that category.

I legitimately had a questionable 6 matches and I am just asking a questions.

As someone whose 8.3 planes routinely see Yak-38s you get no sympathy from me. In fact I laugh at you.

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The game certainly does have many glitches and the community is far more interested in eating each other alive than trying to confirm and fix anything.

If no one else is going to say it, I’m sorry that happened to you.


It’s not a matter of being confrontational - it is a matter of providing evidence for claims.

it is pretty easy to link to replays in this game - but people keep making quite significant claims without doing so.

it is pretty frustrating because it makes it really hard to figure out what is actually happening rather than just accepting what are often quite interesting claims.


There are issues recently, Prox fuses are perticularly buggy at the moment, so it could be related to that. But replays do help to see if its bad luck, a mistake or something being buggy

My initial response was whatever but that isn’t very productive either.

So I’ll change it.

I used to be very committed to improving the community, not just this game but a couple of others.

When asked for videos I would take the time to provide them, its not near about as easy as just providing the link.

Each time I did it, and I’ll admit sometimes I had a point and sometimes I didn’t. Regardless the people who post the stupid cliche that you did have no intention of objectively looking at anything.

The phrase “Replays or none of it happened” right out of the gate lets everyone know you are trying to end a conversation not enter into one.

Its basically saying until you p[rove me wrong you are a liar.

So save the altruistic BS about wanting to “figure out” what happened.

@CuttyMcStabStab summed it up about as good as anyone can.

Thanks for the constructive response.

I look through them and one of the missile kills I didn’t get credit for was that I hit his missile the second that he launched it but that was just one of 3.

Also it doesn’t count for the several missiles that didn’t track.

Even if every single one of those was indeed a bug for sake of argument, and not you misinterpreting anything, that kind of stuff would still also happen to the enemy team equally often. So it would not, on average, make you lose 6 times in a row. Because 1/2 the time, you’re losing out due to it, but 1/2 the time you’re benefitting from it.

Missiles not tracking can be a few different things, awkard launch angles, something else its locked onto. etc.

I’ve even had issues in the past where firing too quickly after getting a lock just causes the missiles to fly off in a straight line, not sure if that bug ever got fixed.

In the absence of replays, you able to answer these please

What did the missiles do after you fired them? (did they fly off randomly, did they fly in a straight line, etc)

What were they fired at? (What aircraft and were they on reheat?)

Did they flare at all? (just double checking)

Did they attempt to evade or were they flying steady?

Were you directly behind or at a slight angle? (Not being directly behind can make many rear-aspect missiles miss, even with lock)

How far were you from the target when you fired? (Some missiles have really short range, I’ve seen many Red Tops straight up miss as well, but that was likely a range issue, even though I was within what i’d consider “in-range”)

I’m not a professional mathematician so please educate me if I’m wrong but I’m not so sure you back that up.

What are you relying on for that statement , “law of large numbers”?

No offense but the 6 matches weren’t the first six times I’ve played using missiles.

I took into consideration everything you mention.

Thats why I used the phrase in my initial post “In other words there was no outside reason for them not to track.”

I’m relying simply on the lack of any plausible reason why bugs would only happen to you, specifically, x1BRAVO9x, and not just as much to everyone else. Unless the bug is related to “a person’s name having a number next to an X” or something, or if you’re running the game on a one of a kind FORTRAN emulator or something, that doesn’t make much sense.

But it may help figure out exactly the issue.

A missile fired at a F-104 flying very quickly is an entirely different situation to a missile fired at Sub-sonic jet that has bled a lot of speed.

Simply stating “An R-60 didnt track” isnt enough information to determine a bug or another issue. I’ve never used an R-60, but having spent a lot of time with missile systems like Red Tops and SRAAMs which I know are buggy, i’ve been there, but at the same time, I know some of thsoe shots that missed probably also missed due to other factors.

For example. a Red Top Fired from a Lightning at a target about 1.5km away should be an easy kill. I’ve had these miss before, but vs some targets like an F-104, the 1.5km range shrinks rather rapidly down to maybe half that, maybe even less. We just need more information

Because otherwise we cannot answer:

But it seems its not just happening to me, see the quote above.

I’m don’t want to be rude because I know you are trying to help, but your elementary explanation of missile physics is borderline insulting.

I have 1000s of missile kills, everything you are saying I have taken into account.

If I fired a missile at an F-104 flying away from me at full speed 3km away I wouldn’t have mentioned it here.

But it seems its not just happening to me, see the quote above.

Right, I assumed that it would NOT only happen to you.

Which means that since it’s probably happening to all sorts of people, that it’s also happening therefore to people on your enemy teams, which would help you win, and cancel out the times it happens to you making you lose. So overall neither making you win nor lose.

Making the game frustrating and annoying, sure, but not heavily lose-able

Then what was the point of asking for help?

If its a prox fuse issue, then you’d have seen the missile pass very close by the target and not explode, but you said it did not track.

A missile not tracking could be MANY things. From a bug to shadow missile change that you arent quite use to yet. It could be a mistake on your part or just bad luck. Maybe a combo.

So you either need to share some more details or better yet a replay or clip of one of the missiles “not tracking” or im not sure what the point of your thread was. Did you want an answer or are you just venting?