Something must be done with leopard pzbtl 123

chat is this real

You can’t delete them, they are saved on the server

but even from side direct hit on ammo and nothning

The only ground vehicles he has at that Br are T80B 2S38 and BMP-2M

The last 2 shred leos on the side.,… they kill everything on the side, so his T80B is his problem?

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T80B worst APFDS can side pen the turret ammo stowage

ammo in front

any smart leopard player wouldn’t have any ammo in the front and it can pen it any way

well if he doesnt shoot leo 2a4 hull down… if he shoots anything hulldown then we know his problem

Only fools keep that rack full. But even then you would pen and at least crit. Most likely a skill issue. Please don’t be offended. I am not sure if you are a troll anyways.

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Me, as someone who has a small amount of ammo in the front…

eh i have 2-3 in there as well, but i have them moved before i realy get into any real engagement

I found the replay folks. False Alarm.

HE basically just pressed “w” the whole time and shot wildly on the move at a hull down Leo with a 2S38…

Basically he had a shitty game and came to the forums to rage.


classic forum cope, gotta love it

no becose i cant read
i have problem even penetrate him


literaly skill issue

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“why is my 57mm not frontally penning MBTs”

the thing is that it can just terrible post pen

I know it can if you find a decent spot, but the point stands that if he was at full speed and just holding down the trigger, its an utter skill issue

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