Something must be done with leopard pzbtl 123

i can´t even demage him
or kill him

The tank is fine. Very balanced at 10.3 overall


Thats realy skill issue, its the same as regular 2a4, with what are you shooting yourself and where are you aiming? The 2a4 isnt known for good armor lol


first of all i guess u are german main

second leopard 2a4 isnt problem for me to kill but regardles of where i shoot pzbtl i wount even scratch him

what are using and where are you shooting

it is multiple tanks and in weak spots like (from my sight ) right side
turet ring

but i woun´t even demage him

they literaly are the same lol, its copy pasted, they only put texture on top, it doesnt have any extra armor models or differences only cosmetical, realy only skill issue

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What round exactly are you using

How do you have 4000 battles and dont know how to kill a leo

id recommend you shooting where the red circle is, 3 out of the 4 crew are there, which leads to crew knockout, works for me

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i tried that but no demage
ether my round are broken or that tank

Then aim for the lower front plate as turret ring can mess up and when in game inspect the tank and have a heat map to see where best to hit the tank with your round

Post a replay

u dont answer
are u germnan main?

regardless of where i hit that tank i deal non or small demage
even with atgm

don´t have one now i deleted my klips

what round are you using specifically.

yes, because i literaly didnt play enough yet to finish multiple trees and i can tell u 2a4 dies easily, i am 1 shoot. The 2A4 is a mobile tank but not an armored one, you arent fighting against a TURMS here

you know they have worse post pen then APFDS

when you mean small you mean not a instant kill as that can happen the tank isn’t as strong as you making it out to be