Someone explain the M735 nerf

chinese M60TTS

The list so far is:
M60A1 RISE (P)
M60A3 TTS (Chinese)
Type 16 (P)
Type 16 (FPS)

Pretty sure a REAL M735 can penetrate 410mm of armor. But gaijin hates USA so they made our 8.7 MBTs have less pen than a 6.3 Bulldog


No, unfortunately the Type-16 (FPS) also only has M735 which is really hurting it right now. Hopefully this is either looked into more by the devs to see if the changes were actually correct or M774 is added to these vehicles to enhance their usefullness.

They could also just give it M833 as it’s closer to the performance of DM33 which is on the m48 in the German tree

did they ever unnerf it

Not since I last checked


:( ive play Type16FPS for more than 2weeks, M735 make me feel pain, why gaijin nerf the M735 when its even can be the best round in 9.3 tanks

imagine you play a undertiered wheeli boy with all the goodis you can imagine and complain you cant lol pen anything when you can drive around them…

same problem as ppl had with xm1 and lower pen the leotard L44 lmao

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Wanna see them finally apply this formula to soviet MBTs, but obviously we won’t see it lol

You drive around them and make fuckall damage. Also it is not always possible or practical to drive around.

so ?
Do what 90% of the com does,shoot barrel or breach…
saddest? move but well

Sure lets raise to 9.7 and give it Type-93 shell.

Δ° believe many people who owns Type-16FPS (including me) will be happy with that.


10.0 sounds better tbh :D

This suggestion was already passed to developers.

Then we also need to bump regular Type-16 to 10.0.

if it would get the same shell sure or prob even higher, light tanks should not be able to lol pen everything head on like they currently do^^

But light tanks sacrifices armor in exchange to get better firepower, thats deal.

9.7-10.0 is fine for Type-16 for now but guess it can be raised in the future.

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could you uhh give me a link for that?