Somebody Explain This Fast (Score and Teammates)


Two things to explain here

  1. Why does that teammate have more score than me?

  2. Why is that same teammate crying in chat calling me a noob while bombing in a F-4S while I have 7 kills?

  3. This isn’t a question, I just want you to know this is why I don’t care about the average player’s opinion.

Next time, hover over their score and find out.

Probably base bombing with napalm though, as a guess.

Gaijin sure knows what they’re doing when a dude who presses spacebar on a base gets more score than the guy who **QUITE LITERALLY KILLS ** almost half the enemy team lmao


He rocketed 5 bases.

Probably napalm or rockets.

Maybe because you had to RTB? Idk.

I thought napalm for bases had been nerfed?

Rockets/Napalm on bases give extra score then regular bombs, just doesn’t say that they dropped enough tonnage of bombs to kill the like 5 bases they hit.

Because that’s how War Thunder players be. You can go do amazing things then the moment you die your back to square one, being called a noob

Also sidenote- the score board shows that you didn’t die, so are you sure he wasn’t calling the 21 a noob, and just did it in the wrong chat?

You probably shouldn’t post this chat in the forum. Calling someone retard is probably against the community guidelines.


Which then begs the question, why are you posting here?


Should anyone care about yours? Nah…


Devs are aware of this. Sadly I cannot give you any ETA on changes for this mechanics.


I definitely did, the guy named ArcticFox on the enemy team shot me down. Don’t know why it doesn’t say that

Oh ok

This forum isn’t the average player.

You still crying over past threads? Because that’s the only reason you posted that

Riiight, it couldn’t be because noone gives two shits about your opinions like just you don’t give two shits about anyone elses.

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Stay mad

Only for as long as you think someone cares about you here.

Your own logic is your downfall.

I’m sure you’re my psych

Yes, type more words that you think matter to anyone but yourself.