Some questions for Gaijin

Dear Gaijin, care of @Stona_WT

I would like bluntly honest answers to some questions;

  1. What is in War Thunder for you, what benefit do you get from it?

  2. What do you want from us, your players?

  3. How long do you think it should take to unlock a new unit? Based on 4 hours of average gameplay a day, how many days should it take?

Other players, I’d appreciate you let an employee answer these questions rather than chiming in with your opinions. However, once this has taken place, feel free to comment on their answers.

Perth Western Australia

Here, I’m not CM but I’ll answer your questions best I can

1 WT is a job for us. We get paid.
2. We want your money.
3. Some number between “annoyed enough to spend money” and “not annoyed enough to quit”

You’re welcome.


Very symplistic and placative.

Try this:

1 WT is a job for us, but a job we enjoy, as anyone doing a job should
2 Just like ourselves, enjoy playing the game - and of course finance our job, server infrastructure, development, etc. at the same time
3 Depends on how much you want to play within a certain time.


An employee is never going to give you the correct answers without flowering them up with distractions, which are objectively:

  1. They get money from it.

  2. They want money from it.

  3. Exactly the amount of time that will still encourage people to stay, but yet also encourage them to pay the most money possible to progress faster.

This is true for every single business you interact with, get used to it in life in general. Your toothbrush manufacturer, the sandwich shop down the street, every video game studio, your plumber, etc. You don’t need to ask, the answer is always the same.

(The same is true for us too, by the way – we want the most entertainment, but also to pay the LEAST possible money for it)


To add to what Schindibee mentioned

1). War Thunder is our (Gaijin) game/creation that we play and share with the community to join us in playing

2). Gaijin does not require anything really, well apart from just following our rules : P otherwise, the community is always welcome in helping us (Gaijin) to improve and expand the game and or game play experience

3). The thing with MMOs is that you do not want to unlock everything instantly… where is the fun in that ? and many from the community have in fact stated that they enjoy reaching goals and look forward to putting time and effort to unlocking things and it gives them a sense of accomplishment… that being said, the game is constantly evolving with the community, and a great many things are not set in stone, so they can be adjusted based on Feedback


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Of course we do. The fun is obviously in that we can drive/fly whatever the most fun vehicle is, duh. Does everyone quit when they hit top tier? No… but they would if “the only fun was in unlocking things”. (why would you even market top tier in trailers and stuff if nobody played it once they got there?)

I understand that of course it can’t be like that, but it is purely because that would mean we would have no reason to pay you. Period.

There’s a reason why EA telling people that grind gives them a “sense of pride and satisfaction” is the most downvoted reddit comment of all time. Personally I wouldn’t take talking points/notes from the most unpopular comments of all time.

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May i ask you some question what your opinion about the high tier ground realistic map? because many players said it too small not suitable for the high tier gameplays.

We have seen feedback on this before, but I think there is not a simple answer… but, if you have suggestions on how to improve it you are always welcome to make a suggestion

No, you do. Remember, you speak for yourself and noone else.

For you that might be the case, but not for everyone else.

2 things,

  1. You personally wouldn’t know if they did
  2. I suspect many people do, and if they in fact do, gaijin would have the statistics to show that
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I already did it yesterday but seem still on pending…

Imho not a single employee has answered so far.
Replies by voluntary staff are nice, but actually nothing more than private opinions…

As I alluded to earlier, I speak for at least 668,000 other people here Reddit - Dive into anything (and by definition of how the voting works, there are not anywhere remotely close to that many people of the opposite opinion)

You personally wouldn’t know if they did

Yes, I would, because the game has a table of numbers in it when you are in queue that says how many people are waiting, and the top tier does not have 0. There’s actually more waiting at rank 7 on average than at rank 5, and almost as many as at rank 1!

ok cool!

Suggestion Staff are always very busy! but they will get around to checking it out… feel free to PM Suggestion Staff if you have concerns

Hey, a fellow Aussie!

I guess I just got spoiled by what was an unintentional move in the game in which I could bomb 2 bases per match in a premium plane - A-10A Early - and roar through the tech tree, unlocking a plane per day on average. Yes, I was playing pretty much eight hours a day. Now that has been corrected and the best time I have ever had in this game has come to an end, which is pretty darn depressing. I finally felt effective at this game. I know I can use the Hog in Ground RB but you have to get kills to do that and I’m pretty useless in GRB, especially at high tier.

It’d be really nice if hitting AI ground targets - say 15 or so - gave you as much RP as destroying a base. I’d really appreciate it if the base reset timer was set to even 2 minutes rather than the current 4:30 as most of the games I play in finish in about that time frame. Even if they don’t it’s jolly boring flying around the periphery waiting for them to respawn and often you’re the last player and get jumped.

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Thank you very much for the answer.
I really want top tier to be enjoyable with many types of vehicles in the match.

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Well we are Gaijin representatives, we have heard questions along these lines before, and not sure if they exist anymore… but the Devs use to answer Questions like this a good number of years ago in Q&A sessions… so what I have mentioned, is along the lines of what the Developers have said in the past

The thing is tho, Questions like this would more than likely be answered in Q&As, on YouTube, Twitch or where ever else Gaijin interacts with the community

Use your hog in Sim EC: best fun to “work” a ground battle event there!!!

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I’m a third person POV player mate. Interesting idea though.

Well, yes, we are just volunteers, but we’re privileged insofar as we in our line of volunteer work have the chance to get to know some of the people “deeper” into Gaijin and interact with them, and I can frankly say that those guys are exactly the same like us, crazy about the tech and the game.

It is a business, yes, it is commercial, of course, but that’s not what you feel when you talk to these guys.


always good to see more Aussies around ^^

Not sure if this helps answer somethings ?