Some questions for Gaijin

Skill bonuses are far less useful for specialised strike aircraft like the A-10 and Su-25 because we carry bombs as well as missiles and are an order of magnitude slower than fighter bombers like the F-5, F-4 and F-16. If an enemy is not unfortunate enough to place themselves in our way we’re pretty well screwed for air to air combat.

Perhaps an addition could be made for strike aircraft and bombers where destroying a certain amount of AI ground units - 10 units for instance - could count for a skill bonus. As it stands the system only counts players and bots acting as players.


Do feel free to leave Feedback in that Thread, Staff will gather feedback from there to pass on to Developers

Done. I must confess I don’t expect anything to change, cynical, yeah, that’s me.

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if you think everyone on the reddit thinks the same as you then you really are deluded

What they want is simple, to implement new vehicles and mechanics that are not very good, to generate more bugs, not to solve old bungs, not to solve the damage and penetration models that in themselves are the biggest mistake in the game, so that people do not complain and that pays more and more. And the funny thing is that they are achieving it hehe, that’s why it seems that they are not going to try to solve the game’s problems.

Gonna need a fact check on that one lmfao ( i am a doubter)

To be fair, Pacifica was the one who initially spoke on behalf of everyone by saying ‘you do not want to unlock everything instantly… where is the fun in that ?’

Personally, I enjoy unlocking new vehicles, but I despise the stock grind mechanics. Things like stock HEAT-FS for MBTs should not exist in my opinion. That’s there purely to infuriate players into spending money. I’d rather they gave us a worse dart to grind the mods with.

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WT Live // Pacifica (
WT Live // Schindibee (

Those just examples of what people who play and share with the community do, even if they’re staff or not.

What have you shared with the community? ;-)

Not exactly, sure they wanna make money, thats why companies exist after all.

If an MMO let you have access to everything instantly, where’d the fun be? You’d lose interest very, VERY quickly.

Me: As I alluded to earlier, I speak for at least 668,000 other people

You: if you think everyone on the reddit thinks the same as you then you really are deluded

…? I’m not seeing the part where I said “Everyone on reddit”

The fun would be in… wait for it… the gameplay? Unlocking something is literally just a UI animation for 2 seconds. If all you cared about was unlocking, why would there even be a game at all? Why not just click a button on a website 10,000,000 times and then you unlock a picture of a new tank?

The whole point of the game is the gameplay, and the only logical reason to be excited about unlocking any tank in the first place is that you then get to PLAY it in the gameplay. Which is by definition a thing you do AFTER unlocking it. So would still be a thing you’d do AFTER unlocking everything.

By your logic, the entire video game industry for the first… I don’t know, 30 years it existed or so? Would not have happened, because pretty much every single game on the market you bought with all content included already the moment you handed the cash to the cashier.

Heck, why even stop there? Chess wouldn’t exist. You start with all the pieces unlocked when you buy a chess set right away. “Where’s the fun in that?”

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Also why is it that when I play at like 4.0, roughly half the team or more (including myself) are like level 50-100 players who absolutely have WAY higher than 4.0 BR unlocked? Because actually playing the game is where the fun is… and they enjoy those tanks, despite heavy unlock research penalty.

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Is it possible to get the M4 Sherman on xbox