Solution to the Battle Rating issue:

Seeing all the fuss and issues regarding the Battle Rating, which honestly is already a really ****ing dumb idea that only a person smoking copious amount of meth due to the nature that vehicles are separated by “Rank” which, honestly…why the **** even have RANKS if you’re going to only utilize a “Battle Rating” feature. I know there are plenty of people playing this game. How about just removing BRs, and only closing the game to “Rank” only? Meaning: Tier 8 games require ONLY Tier 8, meaning you will ONLY face the rank you selected.

E-Z-P-Z you can’t get any fucking simpler than that.


Battle Rating is an effective system to balance multiple era vehicles which don’t suffer from IRL problems like weight / mechanical break downs etc.

The only issue Battle Rating presents is when Gaijin doesn’t widen it to support new additions (compression). There is an easy fix to this though, raising the max BR to support these new additions (decompression).

Gaijin has done this somewhat to Air and they’re doing it again in the next balancing patch moving the top bracket to 12.7

They have yet to add 12.3 (12.7 would be better) for Ground making all recent decompression efforts at 6.7-10.7 pointless since the compression is now felt at 9.7-10.7

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Or, Arcade and Realistic battles only deal with the rank that they have selected (i.e. Rank V vs Rank V) alleviating the need for a BR system for games outside of Simulator. Kind of sucks ass when you get teams that brings in a low ass tier vehicle that throws off the chance of winning, or prevent from being faced off against tanks that are far better than what you currently are using because of “uptiers”.

Let’s face it, the BR system hardly works and is a joke, especially with current meta. It never worked, never will work, it’s a fucked system that we’re to “believe” it works. It ONLY works in Gaijin’s favor because it has a greater affect on making people spend money to either get out of that BR, or to quickly research the tanks that kill them more often than they can kill it.

Fucked system, doesn’t even work well in WoT since it’s essentially the same mechanic as WT.

This achieves nothing more than compressing vehicles even further, whilst also rendering those at the lower BR end of ranks borderline unplayable, while those at the top of the ranks will freely dominate every game they get into.

Who’s going to play a Churchill III against Tigers and Panthers every single game?

Think about it this way, there are 8 ranks, but there are 32 seperate BR levels that vehicles can be put into.


Maybe if you wanted to get rid off rank system, sure. BPs and progressions can be easily tied to BRs.

But to get rid of BRs?

As others pointed out, that would make the issue worse. You would replace current 1.0 to 11.7 BR for ground and 1.0 to 12.7 BR for air system with ranks 1 to 8. Do you see the issue?

“Congrats on unlocking your Me-262, have fun facing Sabres”

This will just be compression++

Creating several more “top” tiers is not a great idea. Tell players that certain vehicles will basically have perma-uptiers and others have perma-downtiers and I wondering which vehicles they will choose.

How would it make the system worse when that system has never been used? The gimmick of BR is to find better matches? 75% of matches are uptier, meaning you could be playing a Rank 5 vehicle, get placed into rank 6 against tanks 1.0 BR higher? Like…what? Where’s the fairness in that exactly? Vehicles that get uptiered, are often the ones that get no incentives from being uptiered and often the very first to be killed/the lowest chance to defend itself. Eliminating BR would prevent that, making the games less chaotic. What’s the difference of locking it to rank? Essentially you already are going up “one” or “down one” in that rank regardless, but you wouldn’t be so fucked in the long run and dodging a FV4005 when you’re using a T-34-85 to research the rest of that rank’s tree. Or even a facing an M109G while using an M6a1.

Battle Rating is a marketing gimmick to force you to spend more money.

Battle Rating should solely reflect Simulator battles only

Id suggest for you to familiarize yourself a little more with a game and even get little better before going on spouting nonsense.

This is more like rage bait than actual suggestion.

Ranks are for progression/research.

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The system is used to prevent players from grinding a top tier tank with a reserve tank. It’s also used as an era, each rank usually introduces new tech and such.

You do realized rank based MM will be worse right?

Unlike in your proposed system, where bottom BR’d Rank 5 vehicles would be uptiered into top BR’d Rank 5 vehicles 100% of the time.

The fact these are your examples are hilarious. The FV4005 is a giant paper box, it’s hilariously easy to knock out using anything of practically any tier. An 85 wouldn’t struggle in the slighest, especially if it outmanuvers it, as 85’s are excellent at doing.

Meanwhile, the M6/T1 is probably the single best vehicle America has at the tier for engaging M109s. You get two primary weapons to compensate for the lack of APHE fusing, as well as 3 .50 cals that can tear right through the M109 from any useful range.

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Again, Battle Rating is joke. You get uptiered, or downtiered, either one is not fun for both parties, just ONE, You have tanks at higher “Battle Rating” with access to munitions that are a lot more powerful, and far better armor often than not, rendering the shell that you have selected (this is often BAD news for stock tanks). Again, there’s no fairness to BR, it’s a shitstorm for you, or the other team. You’re defending it due to that fact you can prey on tanks (or jets) that aren’t equal to you.

How is an early F4 phantom going to fair against a MiG-29 with access to SARH+IOG+DL missiles with 30+gs of pull and can go almost mach 6? Battle Rating is a fucked system

How about an F86 Rank V 9.0 going against a Rank 6 9.0 with 4 30g mach 2.5 missile? Battle Rating is a fucked system

Must I continue with the flaw of “Battle Rating?”

How I picture you right now:

I have proposed this for years but people like many here look at it with a shallow lense thinking you make zero vehicle changes and jsut straight go to ranks. This is false. You would still need to make some vehicle changes in ranks to ensure more competitive gameplay and it wouldnt create more compression it would simply right-size them.

The same thing will happen with ranks, but worse. You will face a wider range of vehicles with a rank based system than a BR based system.

cough cough 9.3

You will still run into the issue of the top/bottom ranks only being downtiered/uptiered. The best vehicle in rank V will always be the best in rank V. The worst in rank V will always face vehicles better than it.

People dont want it because
A: you will create more compression unless you add a lot more ranks
B: you create hard coded perma-uptiers/downtiers

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That’s an extreme assumption and one made still thinking of a BR systems.

With the BR system, you aren’t in a perma uptier or perma downtier, it can change. Does it have issues? Yes. Can they be solved? Also yes.

Gaijin just needs to decompress the BRs.