Solution for 16v16

Hello, With the matter of 16v16 getting more and more serious each day and Especially with the fact that amraams are leaked for the next patch, i came here to make a suggestion that could solve lots of issues.

As we know gaijin’s reason behind 16v16 is unknown besides queue times but theoretically it should be cause in an 8v8 scenario new players who bought premium packs will not be able to perform well which will mostly make them quit the game after a while and prohibit them from spending any more money so gaijin tends to make it more chaotic so players can get a chance at killing people and think they did good.

Lots of people will ask how do i know this or what prove my points, lots of people talked about this and In my experience i know a person who bought the F5C at a time where 8v8 was still a thing and he quit after some time maybe a week maybe 2 weeks i don’t recall be cause of that fact he didn’t know where missiles are coming from, skip to the current day and 16v16 did help some people i know to get kills that they wouldn’t get if it was 8v8.

So why not just make 3 ARB modes, which Are(16v16,8v8.4v4):
1-16v16 for the people who are new to jets or recently bought high tier premium jets so they can grind without having to face pro players, i mean it’s a pretty common complaint that new players are annoyed be cause they’re having to face players wit far more knowledge in the game and more skills so if we added 8v8 most of these pro players would rather switch to 8v8 to have a better experience where they can show their skills.

2-8v8: for the people who know how to play, people who just want to use their experience to it’s maximum potential and want a way out of the randomness of 16v16, of course Boosted rewards (for PVP only and not PVE) in fact PVE in 8v8 will have less rewards be cause bombing in an 8v8 situation will be much easier than a 16v16 situation which will make lots of new players with Fighter Bombers shift to 8v8 for more rewards which is gonna ruin it that’s why decreased bombing rewards for 8v8 is something it really needs, and that’s about it for this Mod.

3-4v4: this is just something that i suggested for squads and not squadrons but squads who want to play in a pack against another pack to truly get the feeling of real life enemy encounters, and not only that but it may open for a new playstyle that has ben missing since radar missiles were added which is BVR fights, i still don’t know wether this mode should get boosted rewards decreased rewards or no rewards at all I’ll leave this up to you.

Now i know this might split the playerbase but i think it’s better than the game gets ruined for the joy of newbies.


Dwelling on things may make you think it’s getting more serious, but it’s just a perception thing.


well based on the Playerbase feedback on 16v16, no one’s really dwelling but you.

What feedback is it you’re referring to, because I don’t think you’ve got a balance set to read from…

Confirmation bias is genuinely a thing, and echo chambers of complaints don’t help.

Well Sources are important but i think a simple Search in these forums would help you find Lots of people’s opinion on this matter with huge posts, and it’s not only present in the forums, it’s everywhere in the forums on social media that is related to Warthunder and in Warthunder Chat it self if you ask people about 16v16 there.

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Again, echo chambers aren’t the best source of a gauge of support.

these aren’t echo chambers of complaint these are opinions of people, and if you don’t like opinions than you shouldn’e be on this forum. i don’t know what sources you want more on this matter other than EVERYONE is saying WE DON’T WANT 16V16. but i guess Gaijin’s rats can’t listen nor think.

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You’re literally ONLY going to find the affected because they’re the only ones who will respond to you, because everyone else is getting on with it… Much the same as the CAS afflicted… They’re the same mentality.

You get mad because I merely don’t share your opinion, and you proceed to get mad…

Sorry, but that’s not right.

‘EVERYONE’ is not everyone.

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aren’t the “affected” you so call them people who have an opinion who disagree to something and they felt that they want to share it on these Forums?, or anything that doesn’t agree with gaijin’s decisions is Dwelling on things.

Also i wasn’t mad, i stated a fact.

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You’re talking of in game, and on other forums…

Those who are aggrieved will be more likely to mention they are on the regular, stay fixated on the issue, look for the issue to validate themselves and often wind themselves up enough they become beligerant and assumptive as to that being the sole reason they have an issue…

Very common confirmation bias and a problem we have on the forums here on the regular.

You being all upset enough to throw out the rat statement is literally an indication of it.

Splitting the gamemodes up will increase queue times. I’d rather them just revert to the old 12v12.

16v16 just does not work with how war thunder is designed, and how it is played. You can’t increase the map sizes because then you get the exact same gameplay, but with a longer wait.

To be honest, they actually could, and almost should.

32v32, bigger map, set spawns for 8 players to duel it out, and the final match mode would be to bring all the remaining players from that initial 8v8 segmented battle, together to duke it out.

Like an EC setup, but spread out and more directed via the objectives.

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i still think 12v12 is too much, also the game avgerages 150k-250k daily man queue times won’t be that much. especially for modes like 8v8.

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Man you must be psychic as their solution isn’t even known, and you panicking about that has led to you making this thread…

Why make this thread if you weren’t concerned about the path they were going to take.

Seriously though, throwing that insult out is the same as your throw about the rat… Absolutely bad nonsense.

I can’t say anything about top tier, but 12v12 is a great balance below 10.7. 8v8 would be susceptible to 1–2 squads dominating a match.

Having 8v8 or 12v12 as an option would be nice, but neither should be the only option.

i don’t know why these forums exist if i shouldn’t make a suggestion for the devs to see and might take inspiration from.

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Well, this isn’t the suggestion section, and it’s likely you know that…

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The issue isn’t 16 vs 16. The issue is the current map sizes and layouts. Everyone is funneled straight into each other. And what @FlyingDoctor is trying to explain to the op. Which apparently he just doesn’t understand or want to understand. The people that are loudest are usually the ones that are unhappy. The ones that are happy are enjoying themselves and find no need to come on here to profess their enjoyment of something. That’s what he’s referring to as an echo chamber. The people complaining about it are only a small minority of the player base. Unfortunately it seems like a lot because they come on here to complain and that’s all you see. So you’re going to have to provide some proof other than whiny little forum posts about how they don’t like it. Because I for one enjoy 16 vs 16. Could it be improved, yes. But 16 vs 16 isn’t the issue.

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People will do that regardless of map sizes, it happens on EC maps, and any other maps. 16v16 just doesn’t work, people will all funnel into the middle of the map because it is where everyone is.