So where is the P-47 meant to sit in the Air RB meta?

When i play this plane i am not expecting 5 air kills, but more a “team game time”.

Always conserve your energy (especially speed) with this plane.
Ofc you need to climb at the beginning, at least 4Km high, that means you will be one of the last on the battlefield.
But for me the role of this plane is to support other planes in your team.

You can choose to dive quick to help allies and zoom out, or if action take place high to help to master the sky.
If your team win, so you have an enough good plane suited for high alt and chase space bomber, as well as strike the ground target, which could be also nice for some people.

Well firstly, you have to deal with US teams, which probably have some of the worst players, I have ever seen.
Secondly, US props tend to have good top speed and dive. But have absolutely no climb rate or turn rate. Where you are dead if you are caught in a low-energy state. As you said, the P47, is a support plane, the same as the FW190. But it simply lacks any carrying potential, compared to the meta planes, like the Yak3/9u or the J2M2. Where you have a chance of winning and 1 v X scenario. In a US plane, you simply can only force head-ons and run to the map border

If you look at some of the best prop planes at that br, it tends to be the ones that are versatile, like the VL, Spitfires mk9, J2m2, Yaks3,9u, LA7/5fn, and xp50.