So when will you actually fix the google translated "temporary" national voice lines?


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acturlly, the old member voice was too slow, and have many useless tone sandhi for every words, now its becoming normal, i belive that most of the armies need tank crew shouting concise and clear, but not procrastinate and rhythmic


Go watch any Chinese TV broadcast about military. Everyone shouts quickly. Gaijin nailed the speed this time. The previous one is WAY too slow and lazy sounding.

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Okay, thanks.

Chinese voice lines review:

  • 95% of the time it’s more concise than before and spoken quicker, very nice. The only exception is surface to air missile (地对空导弹), it’s now even longer as 地空导弹发射车 (surface to air missile launch vehicle). It should just be something short like 防空导弹 or 地空导弹. Hell, the old 地对空导弹 would work as well. Same with 自行高射炮 (SPAA),formally it’s 自行高炮.
  • Ranging now says the distance without the “meter” at the end which is nice, as China is a metric country and meters are implied. But they could also omit the “hundred” for values 1100 and above, so for 1100 instead of 一千一百 it should say 一千一. Also 射击距离 (firing distance) is still unnecessary, just say 距离 (range/distance) would be sufficient.
  • Corrected vehicle names, for example Leopards are now 豹式 instead of 豹,特72 instead of T72,these are uniquely Chinese pronunciations. Glad that they got them right. The name Abrams (艾布拉姆斯) is also spoken much quicker than before as it should.
  • Some shells now have varied names, for example HE is both 高爆弹 and 杀爆弹, which is correct. Very good change to make it more Chinese.
  • There’s a bug when you select a shell to load, instead of saying round XYZ is being loaded (装填XYZ), it says round XYZ is ready (XYZ就绪 or XYZ,好!), despite it’s still being loaded/just selected.
  • Artillery strike warning finally says artillery strike instead of “air raid”. Now the “air raid” lines are reserved for enemy planes only. This used to bug me a lot, thank god they changed it. Although sometimes the air raid lines are still too verbose, as it could say 敌方空中单位正在接近 (enemy aerial units are currently approaching).
  • The crew ready voice lines are phenomenal. It went from maybe a 2/10 to a solid 9/10. For example sometimes it’ll say 二炮手 (assistant gunner), which is a correct Chinese way of saying it. It also uses correct Chinese row call terms like 各就各位 (at your positions) and 到 (here), but it would be a 10/10 if they can completely eliminate 准备就绪 (a formal and verbose way of saying “ready”).
  • There are two “point blank” callouts, one is 平射 and another I didn’t quite get. Sounds like 近something.
  • There’s a bug where if you destroy someone it’ll say 目标消失 which means “target disappeared”.
  • The line 目标被清除 (target has been terminated) is incorrect when requesting an artillery strike, as they are merely requesting. It also says 请求已确认 (request has been confirmed) while replying to the arty strike, which sounds very out of place. Sounds like a call center instead of the military.
  • APDS and APCR are just AP now.
  • The Mandarin accent is unmistakenably Cantonese and other coastal southern accent, one of them sounds Taiwanese. The only northern (or “standard”) sounding guy is the artillery guy replying in the radio.
  • Overall 7/10 up from the old 0/10 (I’d give it negative if I could, yes it is that bad), the tone and acting is much better, terminologies are almost all correct (except the SAM bug which is there for all languages) although it’s weird that they chose a Cantonese accent and some terms/tenses are wrong.

IMO Chinese voiceovers peaked in Wargame: Red Dragon. IIRC Eugen Systems found some random Chinese fans off Tieba and had them voice it.

I really liked wargame voicelines, but unfortunatly they are not serious enough for a game that may actually need the support of crew voice, but hey there are plenty of voicepacks on live. I really dont like the hebrew voiceover in warthunder as well, the one in red dragon really made a good work.

Some people say the accent is more like Guangxi accent.

And 11/10 for 马兰花开

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Yes it breaks the immersion. An other big mistake i heard is « la boîte à vitesse » instead of « la boîte de vitesses ». The english equivalent would be saying « box for gears » for the gearbox
Except those points it’s correct overall