So when is the Ta 152 getting it’s Airspawn removed?

For YEARS now, this aircraft has been pretty much the most OP prop aircraft in the game.
The performance is NUTS.
Then add in the fact it has AIRSPAWN!
it is an utter joke.
Now the repair costs have been lowered, i see SWARMS of them.
You cannot capitalise on anything. They have no weakness especially when they are guaranteed to be above you every single damn time.
Utterly ridiculous. More than ever.

and the spitfire mk24 sits at 7.0 too! great stuff, really good. love it

Spawn a plane that can turn and you will outturn it. Thats how simple it is to deal with it. Speed isnt everything. Try using plane with better turning (not bombers)


It is a bomber interceptor. So it gets an interceptor spawn. Either accept that or we will get EC maps for all tiers with 1hr timelimit like before with no air spawns for bombers, fighters, interceptors or ground attackers like simulator battles.

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It’s the only plane that makes 5.3-6.0 germany worth playing rn, with all these 6v6 matches that seem extremely common at that br range.
Your team will be mostly useless bots in 288c’s, with 4 of those and 2-3 fighters. (basically forcing you to carry your team by yourself, against a horde of F2G/P51H’s). You might get lucky and have like, a single competent BF109K4 or fellow TA152H to back you up, but most of the time you’re on your own.


I agree! The Ta-152H is overpowered due to the air spawn. It should have it’s air spawn removed and then placed at a battle rating where it fights planes with similar climb rates and top speeds.

The Ta-152H has a time-to-climb of 5:23. That puts its time to climb between the P-47 D-28 and the F4U-4 while also being slower than both of these planes. Therefore I think it would be perfectly fair to place the Ta-152H at 4.7 or 5.0 BR.


Nah man, La7 is still a better energy fighter, so should be at least 4.3 if not 4.0. But then it will face airspawning XP50s… so, just put it at 4.0 and leave the airspawn for the sake of balans.


If it got placed lower it would be even better, without an airspawn. It’s fine as is.

Not sure why you think the TA-152 is a problem when germany wins about 10% of the time at that BR and has no competitive planes BESIDES the Ta-152.


TA-152 OP? wtf

It’s a 4.7 plane at best on a good day.

You gotta troll more convincingly


Maybe for someone with your ability.


For those who like the aircraft this arcticle from Feb 2023

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better remove the airspawn of the xp 50, that one is more problematic then the ta 152 i would say


Xp-50, XP-55, Ki-44-II and J2M2 forced me out of playing Bf 109 F4.
Balance around 4.0 is really horrible.


What does and does not get airspawn needs a re-think. So many aircraft at all BRs, get assigned them semi-randomly. Take like the Buc S2. Jet bomber at 9.3, if it was 2 stops lower, it would have air spawn, But something fast, with a high climb rate like the Ta-152, XP-50, even maybe something like the Mosquitto, get airspawn, makes no sense. And I ahvent done so in years, but I recall taking out a heavy bomber like the Lancaster, and finding a Ta-152 diving onto me within minutes of the game starting. There was nothing I could do. If it had to climb, I might have stood a chance.

Ta is not fast at all.
What plane around at 5.7-6.3 is slower than Ta at normal fighting altitude? Lets see. F2G? Nope. Ki-84? Nope. Yak-3U/VK? Nope. Yak-9UT? Nope. Spitfire Mk IXLF? Nope. Mk XIV/XVIII? Nope.
F4U4B? Nope. AD-4? At sea level I think it may be faster than Ta, and it’s not even a fighter. Hornet? Nope. Tempest? Nope. G.56 Nope. P-51H? Nope.
Re.2005 and N1K2 are slightly slower at combat altitudes. Re.2005 also turns a lot better and is a better gun platform. N1K2 is just a sad plane that I don’t know much about. J7W1? Actually nope. Ki-83? Nope.

Edir: I found such plane, just forgot it existed: J2M3/5.
On the other hand J6K1 is probably faster or equal speed. Ki-87? I have no idea.

Bombers are anti-meta. It’s the equivalent of playing counter-strike with knife and grenades only. Can you do that? Yes, no one is prohibiting you. Should you be doing that? Oh well :D

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So… basically, what you are saying is, you dont like playing bombers, and therefore no one should like playing bombers, so lets make it as hard as possible for them… In that case, if the Ta-152 is so bad, you shouldnt be playing it, no one is forcing you to play it, maybe you should play something better like the F2G, Ki-84, Yak-3U/VK, Yak-9UT, or maybe even just a Spitfire Mk IXLF. There are lots of better options if you find the Ta-152 too hard. Especially after it looses the MASSIVE advantage it gets from air spawn, something a lot of “interceptors” dont get in WT


So what you are saying is that bombers need a buff. I agree. They are one of the most neglected types of aircraft in game that have almost 0 value in all gamemodes