So, what the actual hell is the reasoning behind the Ozelot going up?

I would genuinely would like to know in what universe the Ozelot deserves to be .3 br below the LAV AD, which bit only has Stingers, but has a gun and Hydra rockets. The Ozelot which only has one of these things.

Let’s see the advantage of the Ozelot over the LAV AD.



Has 8 Stingerw compared to the LAV’s 4.


Literally worse in every way to the LAV AD. No gun, no anti tank capability, no anti tanks rockets or anything else. Yet, it sits at .3 br below the LAV AD.

Hell, if anything this thing should have gone DOWN with the Gepard 1A2 which id not worthy of 9.7 at all.

These br changes are horrible. Did they help WW2? Yea. Do they royally f*** up every other goddamn br higher than 6.7? Also, YES!`

Revert the changes to the Ozelot. It isn’t, and hasn’t ever been worth if 9.7. It was barely worthy of 9.3. Move it, and the other AA’s down that clearly did not deserve the br raise.


yeah ozelot going up is weird, specialy since the planes at that br didnt move,

the problem with 1A2 is that the stinger missles are bugged, the proxy stingers cant be equipped since release, the difference between the normal ones and proxy still are a bit

yeah at a later point they propably gonna be decompressed as well

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Its especially strange since the BRs of planes are unchanged. Going with a Gepard against AGM and GBU jets is meh. Same for helicopters. When you play 9.0 or 9.3, you have no defense vs air threats, since Gepard 1 never reaches that far our.

I guess Lav AD and Strela are unchanged. Gajin doesn’t like a certain nation it seems :)


I feel like they moved it up because it got a big boost in usage due to them nerfing all of the standard missile spaa. They see the usage go up and assume it is because it is because it is really good but, when in reality, it is being used more because it was unaffected by the sam/atgm nerf.

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I feel like the Ozelot is just as good as the Strela-10M2 if not just a bit better which is at 9.3. Ozelot should stay 9.3.

Not as bad as the BR of the Type 93

Massive issue for BRs same in AF as GF. Whatever “works” for ground in the recent changes is not going to be reflected in AF if the same idea is used on the air trees. Air effectiveness in ground is so hard to work out since I am sure many aircraft users do not know what they are doing; I know when I flip nations/BRs what works for one vehicle does not work for another.

I would argue that the Ozelot has better technology, yes. However, to say Stingers are inconsistent would be an understatement. They either track perfectly, or decide to try to miss targets flying straight at them. Ozelot’s missiles are also far easier to dodge than the Strela’s in my experience as they have 1/2 the G load but double the engagement distance.

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Not to mention gepard vs mavericks from 8km out

i mean gaijin feels like its on pars with stuff so … meh