So tired

im getting tired of vehicles being in the open and not showing up until after they fire.

is anyone else having that issue?


Nope, because I understand and accept how the situation comes to be.

It’s to do with your keen vision stat, as well as your radio op, and anyone around you same skills, to then being amplified by them firing.

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Any reasonable person is tired of this jank.
The term “realism” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to justifying terrible gameplay changes, meanwhile you have Houdini tanks that appear and disappear from nowhere despite clearly being in sight.
And it’s never going to get fixed.


Clearly it’s a feature, aircraft also poof out of existence while you have your eyes glued on them


Yup, same here

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There is nothing to be gained by being prideful about your own suffering.

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The keen vision stat for crews is a built in semi-anticheat as it stops tanks from rendering unless they’re in your view sight and even then only if your skill is high enough.

While in scope / binoculars this range is increased by three times, but Gaijin’s servers don’t always make this change instant, so pop in occurs.

It is worth putting two levels in to keen vision and experting your crew for the extra +3 to all of your crew member’s keen vision, this should eliminate the issue entirely.

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You might consider enhancing your operational efficiency by switching to a higher resolution, larger computer monitor. I believed that playingPVP games requires a superior display, as this can provide you with a significant advantage in the game.

War Thunder doesn’t render tanks unless your crew skill (keen vision) is high enough to do so.

It has nothing to do with someone’s hardware, it’s a built in mechanic.

The wiki’s full explanation.

What even gave you the thought I was suffering?

I feel you’re projecting as you’re always negative nancy on anything and all jelly about premiums and all that goes with the game.

When have I proclaimed jealousy for premiums?

You need to decide whether you believe the pop in of vehicles is a positive or negative gameplay feature and then discuss from that position.

It’s part of the mechanics which I understand, and has been mentioned by you in the thread.

It’s what goes with the game. I’m not the one having trouble with it.

And this, I do not need to do… The topic of this thread is about the user being tired, and having thier own issue.

You need to decide whether you believe the pop in of vehicles is a positive or negative gameplay feature and then discuss from that position.

I think you need to establish that what you’re wanting to be said, is nothing to do with the thread.

Stop trying to force statements.

The mechanic in discussion is not spawned from user input or the user’s connection or hardware. It is a gameplay mechanic intentionally added by Gaijin.

The user being tired of the mechanic is due to their feeling that the mechanic is negative as it is a frustrating thing to have to deal with vehicle pop in. It adds an element of randomness to the game which is not what is advertised with War Thunder’s notion of “realism”.

You are commenting on this thread. I am asking you to make relevant comments. Insulting the topic’s author is not what I would consider “relevant” to discussion. Discussing the feature which is the main subject of this thread is what I would consider relevant.

There’s nothing being discussed here… This is another of those moan threads where peopel want to only have peopel mentioning how bad things are, and how it’s all the games fault…

Hence the title and the obtuse ‘statement’ made by the player.

That’s a lot to draw upon a mere 2 line topic… Is it like minds or something? This is after all your kind of topic.

And as to the premium envy, your notion that everything is deigned that way to encourage premium spending is what I mean, and I’m surprised you haven’t brought that up…

It’s not insulting at all… Why are you so adamant that me stating that HAS to be insulting?