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Is it not common knowledge that gameplay features and intended to encourage users to spend real world currency on the game?

Do you think crew skill isn’t tied to this notion? You can bypass grinding the mechanic entirely by buying crew skill.

I ask you, directly, what did I say that was insulting to the AUTHOR, and not just you…

Your comments from my perception are patronizing.

Well, that’s a bit silly considering they are just straight up statements.

From my understanding the author of this thread also enjoys playing War Thunder so yes I would consider us “like minds”.

You’re reading too much into it for the sake of it.

The fact is you can’t draw that much from it, and you are assuming a lot about it.

The thread isn’t a discussion, just a thread wanting backpats.

If you don’t find value in the thread then why comment on it?

To pass on knowledge, hur dur…

Why’d you even comment about the same exact skills? Were you flexing?

You actually missed some of the skills too.

Discussion can be born from a simple idea.

The idea put forth is that vehicle pop in is a negative mechanic.

Why does it occur in War Thunder? It’s tied directly to the crew skill “keen vision”.

What are the benefits of this mechanic? It rewards long term players with superiority and provides players willing to spend IRL currency a way to bypass the grind for superiority (Gaijin’s profits). A two fold positive. It also works as a psuedo anti-cheat as the server doesn’t send you enemy position unless they’re within minimum range or you’re looking at them through binoculars / gunner view + your crew skill is enough for their multiplier to give enough range.

What are the negatives? Players without sufficient crew skill will quite literally not be able to see enemy tanks. This is not a “realistic” mechanic as our own eyes should be the only guide for viewing the enemy rather than an ingame on/off switch. If we wanted to play a game which offers such potent gameplay changes behind ingame grind why not play World of Tanks instead which cranks this to 11? Even with crew skill being sufficient there is still server response time to contend with as the vehicle isn’t always rendered. If War Thunder’s servers are running slow this can cause “pop in”, not as heavily but still noticeable.

Why do I comment on a discussion thread for the game? To discuss the game.

Everyone here I think it is fair to say recognizes that the mechanic is part of the game. My question to you is still whether you view it as a positive or a negative.

Your question doesn’t matter @Vamilad as it’s nothing to do with this topic.

Yeah, it’s great when an enemy tank that is within 300-500m of my direct LoS just doesn’t appear until after it has shot me because of jank coding regarding the anti-cheat.

It’s the kinda bull that makes you just turn the game off.

you forgot anticheat

Not really, the anticheat is another reason for it being a method, but it’s not as direct a cause as the crew skills.

What I forgot to mention was the LoD map being lower for the checking of this compared to the high def one you have whilst playing as a client.

Well with tanks it’s not as bad as it has been just half a year ago. I still see tanks going poof every other game, or tanks appearing out of nowehere (in GRB!). Whereas before it was half the team every game flicking in and out of existance lmao.
But with planes it’s still horrible. Clear weather, no clouds. You see dot spawning in, you laser focus on it and it vanishes. Then after a minute you hear an engine going straight towards you and because of the “beautifuly implemented” directional sound you don’t know if it is below your or above you and then you only see tracers aaaand you are dead.
Every single game.

This system is apparently part of the anti cheat system. I could excuse it with tanks, but we don’t need to apply it to planes. That makes no sense.

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I may have missed something…but THIS^^ does not happen to me…AFAIK at 500m everything renders…even if behind me…
I have sighting issues if targets are 1km+…but at 500m not really…

I do play arcade…not sure if different in RB…but rendering should be the same, i think…

Can you elaborate? Type of match and what do you mean by “within…my direct LOS”

Not sure what anti-cheat does…in PSN i guess dont have it…but i see no reason for anticheat to mess with rendering…