So tired of the Gepard spam

Hell no, bombs need precise aim, so need to go close and keep steady to ensure kill. Which is suicide if they’re paying attention. Even with CCIP imo.

LGB, sure.

you know that the gepard has huge aim nerf ? the first gepard was realy good, the actual you need to know to aim … ;)

So basically you are not tired of the Gepard spam, but of players who are actually knowing their equipment and using it to its full potential.


On a sidenote:
The chinese PGZ09 has Gen2 thermals at 8.3 BR while the Gepard doesn’t even have NVD, even though it is designed to be an All-Weather-Capable platform.

Just saying :)

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What a terrible take. The AMX-30 DCA has a superior ground belt compared to the Gepard as it is not limited in how much APDS it can take, and while the radar does not have IFF it is massively superior to the Gepard’s radar thanks to the high vertical scan angle at 40°.


im pretty sure the radar is a bit worse on the type 87, as the type 87s radar has like a tracking limited to 9 degrees?