So tired of the Gepard spam

They just sit on capture points and there’s nothing you can do.
Tank = dead
Plane = dead
Helicopter = dead
Fun = dead


You don’t have any planes with air to ground missiles? (AT guided missiles?)

No, the Gepard is 8.0 and appears as early as 7.0, best I can do is a bullpup at 9.0.


sorry but thats skill issue


Gepard is really OP at it’s BR


Gepard is definitely obnoxious to play against, thats exactly how 5.3 felt when the Wirbel, Coelin and Kugel all had insane HVAP years ago. The issue just migrated. Germany is a pretty padded nation imo


Coelian never had HVAP it allways only had the Pzgr. 18.
And it as well as the Kugelblitz never got as low as 5.3 because they where around 6.7 and 7.0

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You didn’t read the post, did you?

This is about Gepard being used as a tank killer in addition to being a very good AA.

If it was just a good AA, I wouldn’t care. But dying to it in my MBT is an other thing.


35mm goes Bratatatata.

Its Multi Purpose, it doesnt have enove armor for Cal.50 at close range… you know the answer.

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It is no more OP than the Type 87, the Marksman, the AMX 30 DCA or the Finnish Marksman on the Leo 2A4 chassis.

But of course, it is the German vehicle that is OP and obnoxious.


Type 87 = equal
Marksman = worse chassis, mobility and radar
AMX 30 DCA = worse gun, unstabilised, worse mobility, worse radar
Itpsv 90 = best spaa with the Marksman platform, best mobility, on par guns

Gepard has = one of the better radars, very good armanent, good mobility, stabiliser.

I’m not saying it’s OP, but there are HUGE differences…

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and yet not a word about people using the ZSU-57-2, ZSU-37-2, ZSU-23-4, Falcon, WZ305, PGZ09 and PGZ04A being used as tank killers. Large caliber, faster turret turn rate, faster rate of fire, faster speed, but no one in this thread seems to see an issue with them?

Sure the Gepard (base model, not 1A2, dont have that unlocked yet) can kill a tank, it only has 40 rounds of AP ammo that can actually do anything to a tank with armour. the rest can only maybe take a barrel or track.
I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been killed as a German player by a WZ/ZSU series tank.


Now i want to see the cluster f wheen they learn that Gepard 1A2 used FAPDS as main ammo irl against Air targets for far better range it has the same pen as the APDS and mor spall.
So it should have that as main belt with 500 rounds.

Honestly its still no different at all to people using other AA tanks as tank killers.

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quite a lot of players don’t even look up when they are in their AA vehicle, they are busy fooling around in the bushes killing ground vehicles.

But then again, some “AA” are rather poo at shooting at flying stuff while they can send even nicely armored tanks into omblivion.

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Literally not OP, especially compared to how the Pantsir easily shuts down the airspace at top tier.

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The reason I’m specifically talking about the Gepard:

  • it’s a great AA vehicle and tank destroyer
  • it’s part of a major nation

So it’s spammed.

Do you see as many AMX 30 DCAs / Marksmen / Type 87s / etc as Gepards?
Are you able to shoot planes with a ZSU-57-2 as well as a Gepard?

There certainly are other vehicles similar to the Gepard, but they aren’t seen nearly as often.


The basic gepard massively outperforms all of the vehicles that you listed. Especially the vehicles with small cannons (ZSU23 and PGZ04) which are practically useless against armor due to the small shells losing energy very fast and noticeably worse against aircraft, PGZ04 is also 9.3 and somehow expected to go against aircraft of that BR with shells that self-destruct at 3km range.
ZSU57 and WZ305 are open top vehicles, they sure can do damage to a side of a tank but even tiny explosive rounds (for example Gepard’s 35mm) can instantly take them out. And of course the ZSU57 is terrible against aircraft and rarely used against planes.
The only vehicle out of these to have noticeable gun depression is the Falcon, and none of them have sufficient armor to even block 50cal, Gepard has both…and the fastest turret rotation tied with PGZ09.

Gepard is such a monster that you really can’t compare it fairly with most vehicles.


Just try to bomb with a vic that has CCIP. Other than that, good luck my friend

Yeah, let’s complain about the Gepard and how OP it is :D

It’s loud, so you can hear it move and shoot from the other side of the battlefield.
Artillery works on SPAAs quite well, so you or one of your team mates can drop that onto any Gepard and be done with it.

At 8.0 you have a lot of vehicles that will mess you up pretty bad with small calibre guns.
Wiesel, R3, BTR80 and so on.
I also like how the ItPsV90 gets ignored, it’s a Marksman turret on a Leopard 2 chassis. This thing is the deadliest Gun SPAA in the game, yet we complain about the Gepard :D