So no one’s going to talk about this?

Can’t believe no one’s talking about this. Gaijin seems to be pumping out updates faster than the homeless man pumping soap in the McDonalds bathroom.

Yeah that’s because naval is the bastard child of the three gamemodes.


Fair, but some people still enjoy it and have been waiting for a while, maybe Sweden finally will get a naval tree since most of their vessels are U-boats/Submarines.

That’s mean. I’m very happy for naval players. All six of them.


haha funny original joke

I genuinely hope they don’t add submarines.


Better no talking than having BRAWNDO/electrolyte discussions or making rather strange remarks about homeless people.

But the trailer was quite nice, despite the facts:

  1. convoy attacks happened mostly at night or bad weather
  2. …and with surfaced subs as they were (mostly) too slow when submerged

I fully support the idea that a Nation with this massive impact in maritime warfare (especially during WW2) is in desperate need for a naval TT…

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Silent Hunter VI looks nice.

Marudsiz, maybe they’ll fix the ships at last, but I doubt it

Bet submarines will be similar to helicopters. An awful addition that makes no one happy, painful to play, even more painful to play against. Well at least we can hopefully just keep ignoring naval like we have been doing for years


Im very interested in it. I actually enjoy naval, but the gamemode needs some overhauls, with or without subs. But with subs they are definetly required. When subs came to WoWs I thoroughly enjoyed the beta though havent really played it since. So im very interested to see both what how they have implemented them and how they fair

Ahem. Naval can be fun sometimes, especially for coastal. Coastal navy is really fun.

Yeah, goofy gun boats are fun when Ground RB is getting annoying.

If they add subs ill sign up

Why did I get the feeling that the only people excited for subs are for people who never play naval?

Because it’s a entry level, or extremely easy gameplay most likely for them to ease into the naval scene and get more people to play.

it might be, it might not be. We’ll have to wait and see, if they have minimal aim assist for Torps, and the subs can be killed very easily. 100% reliant on stealth, it could be very hard gameplay. Im really excited to see what they do with it.

(Granted they could instead make it the easiest class in the game)

Because they likely are. Submarines would not be a good addition in anything but PvE because of their slow, unwieldiness and lack of counterplay, and for some reason people who don’t understand that want submarines because “oh they haven’t been added to the game yet!” and yet they probably don’t play naval anyway. If added to the normal game it would be unfun for all parties. Its like helicopters but if helicopters were walking pace and only visible to AA but couldn’t actually do anything aside from being super lucky with an unguided rocket, and the rocket travels at the same speed (or slower) than whatever they are aiming at

well I see plenty talking about it
its mostly just people who are excited for “oohhh subs,” and as far as I can tell, those who I know who play naval range from indifferent to outright opposed, mostly due to how it’d be a pain in every sense of the word

  • pain to play: very few torps, very slow, no survivability, torps are slow and take years to get to their target if it even still exists, little to no additional armament, need to surface or near-surface to launch torps or see things
  • pain to fight: when submerged, only sonar-equipped ships can see it, when at perioscope/torpedo launch depth is very difficulty to see, and shoot and hit, only effective counter will be depth charges, which are on fragile subhunters and destroyers themselves. Or planes but planes get murderified by the AA

they could of course make them super OP, doing things like infinite torpedoes in RB (like what WoWs did) and boosting their speed and giving them hull aim like the strv 103 or vt1-2, but I think nobody reaaallllyyy wants that since it’d kill naval harder than it already is dead.

calling sweden a massive impact in maritime warfare

this is sarcasm right? I really really hope its sarcasm. It better be. sweden as a maritime power did nothing in ww1 or ww2

that being said, sweden did have a pretty sizeable green-water navy so it might be in the books eventually

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No offense @Uncle_J_Wick but I have been told that History is an optional subject at school in the US, correct me if I am wrong, most people in the US “learn” History through american movies.

Keep in mind that movies don’t tell you everything, it is the narrow vision/opinion of one man with american bias and not an Historian/scienstist cross-checking informations.

Before saying, just google it.