So happy we have jets

I’m not really a fan of aviation or air combat in general.
I personally hate flying props and do not have the patience for understanding individual vehicles and flying them appropriately.
I dont want to have to learn manoeuvres and I hate how the aircraft do not immediately react to my input whilst at maximum throttle.
It’s just annoying and i dont care for it.

Which is exactly why I am glad that modern jets were added, i dont have to worry about the aforementioned and once i get into a match, I can see that a big chunk of the community feels the same way.
If I had to actually do something more than hold W and fire missiles while performing juvenile maneuvers at max throttle i would have quit.
I’m glad I skipped the entire tech tree to have the chance to experience this gameplay.


Whaat should they have done? Released jets with Warthunder2r?

They should remove all aircraft apart from the top tier ones and give everyone airspawn and the same missiles and start 15km away from each other.
Aint got time for actually playing, I just wanna spawn in the air, 5000m, launch missiles and headon, at most i am willing to do 180 after the merge, thats it.

If the game requires more than that, im out.

Lets be honest. no-one here actually plays the game to have fun and do aircraft stuff, we are all here to skip the majority of the game in favour of 2-3 top tier planes where we just headon and launch missiles while the match last 3 minutes max.

The whole “gameplay” thing is just a gimmick, at the end of the day i just wanna hold w, headon and fire a couple of missiles and top tier/high tier enables me to do that and overcome the issues i have at literally every single other br and that is why i love it.

This must be sarcasm


btw weren’t you banned from the forum?


I’ve been thinking that myself to be honest…

The old forum.
Plus, I am not breaking the rules.

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He’s not meaning you. lol.

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I also remember back in my amiga days a game which was a split screen fighter jet game, where you’d fight head to head, round after round… Can’t place it but it could be a new idea for a mode to make the spawn, air borne, facing or not facing each other, and go duel, literally.

I hope you win an award for this comment or reddit gold because I was so deceived by the cloud of misdirection.

edit: I regret making this comment because I now realize some people will read it as not sarcastic.

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lol . . . everyone is entitled to their own opinions, mine just happens to be the exact opposite of yours in this instance . . . lol. While they look cool and all that, high tier jet “game play” literally has next to no game to it at all as far as I am concerned. But many like it, so it is there for them. And the rest of us have many other planes to fly and enjoy as we see fit, so . . . all good. To each his own. I do not find fault with what anyone else plays . . mode, vehicle type or tier/BR. Play what you want to and enjoy . . . that’s what I do. It’s a VERY big game, plenty for everyone. Which is nice . . . .

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sarcasm brother :)
Or are you fkin double bluffing me ya git.?


Sorry, went over my head . . . but my opinion is still basically the same . . . lol

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I am genuinely confused

There’s a place you can go . . .

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But, that’s not smart

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