So happy we have jets

Police Officer: Where are you headed this afternoon?
Me: Prolly with you after you run my name . . . . .



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Thinking that jets are easier than props is definitely evidence of a skill issue.


Well some props such as the Zero are more difficult than a average jet.

try harder, not funny.

Sad Otter

I crack me up . . . .


I am happily salted.
But I love you guys x

The game ends at 8.0 for me.

I have no interest in missile thunder.

Whenever I watch Utube clips of top tier play it’s just chaos - missiles spammed everywhere and most people dead in 5 mins.


i hope to meet you in combat, brother. I have many friends, so be scared.

Pretty sure he’s referring to lock-on missiles rather than bullet aiming.

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It is actually easier in Korean War era jets because there are tons of dumb players like low tier AAB games.

Positioning against enemy needs skill but, that needs in prop BR as well also, keep BNZ(≒ flying straight at high speed) takes no skill.

I have no idea what are you talking about.

It doesn’t really become “missile thunder” up through 10.3ish IMO. There are missiles but they’re always limited either in ability or amount. Though there are some outliers like the Sea Vixen tbf. Once you hit 10.7-11 though it’s all about the missiles, which I understand isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
A good example of this divide is how the F-5C is a very decent plane for 10.3 despite having just 2 below average missiles, and then F-4J/S is decent enough for 11.3 despite having uninspiring flight performance.

have it seperate like the bluewater and blackwater fleet?

Or like helicopters. Yeah that would have been cool.
Doesn’t make much sense to research props with premium jet.