So, Gaijin, where is the event that makes me waste my time?

Where is the event? We’ve been without events for a long time, no announcements or even a hint of any vehicle that would really be worth my time in the game.

Will there be any news about the new event this week? Well, I don’t know, and this smells like another event with a rank III or II aerial or naval vehicle as a reward.

I also think that Gaijin should create events that encompass all available game modes! Like a helicopter event where in the end, you would win a helicopter, whether it be a prototype or not, that in Gaijin’s view couldn’t be added to the tech tree normally because they were only tested and not obtained in large quantities by the respective countries.

My other guess is that maybe the next event will start alongside the new Battle Pass. Anyway, Gaijin always manages to break their respective “promises.”

(At least with the Roadmap, they are doing their best to listen to us and keep their word.)

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I think they said they were going to take a break for a few weeks or so between them. We should have one soon though. I do know they said they were skipping the naval event.


Isnt that the every day gaming?


uH ?

Bananas are all you get.

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I want another box to waste my SL on, getting over 10 mil at this point and I have never gotten a vehicle yet and I started buying them with the soccer one last year

No event for another month.

Honestly, I prefer the old event system. It doesn’t make sense to increase the wait and deliver less than expected. In the old system, you could choose between aerial, ground, and naval vehicles, but now you have to wait and in the end, it’s not worth anything!

They are delivering fewer vehicles than before; this is noticeable.


So if I read this right, we can expect the next event shortly after the 17th of July since there is a month break between the cycles and the petard event ended on the 17th of June.

And the next reward is naval.

every time 1km x 1km maps,after hours of play is soo frustating…the map rotation the real problem

Good. The fewer time-locked vehicles added to the game, the better.

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The advantage of the new system is that you dont have to choose between air, ground or naval. I can barely stomach doing 1 vehicle per event. The idea of there being 2 or maybe even 3 vehicles that I’d want out of one event actually disconcerting.

I do wish though they put more effort into the vehicles added. Stuff like the Jaguar IS was just disapointing and lazy

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I guess? Or maybe start of August. But yeah, would be naval

Yep. We’re finally rid of it being literally impossible to get all the vehicles. Anything is an upgrade from that.

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Yep. Its quite a relief the new system. Though each vehicle added should be a lot more unique than they have been. Some are very unique like the 292 or Renown and then others like the Mirage and Jaguar have been practically C&P.

You had the option to get 2 vehicles during the old events. Coupons weren’t necessary, and the time you spend on current events is exactly the time you would have obtained the 2 vehicles from the old events.

Regarding choosing a vehicle, players always opted for the one that would be more valuable in the market! So it was normal to focus on one type of vehicle from one game mode and leave the second vehicle, whether aerial or naval, as a secondary task, which some players missed because they weren’t completely focused on both vehicles.

Unfortunately, this caused and still causes some players to feel they never have time to get “all” the main vehicles from past events, which made some currently think that the current system is “better” without having to strive for an entire week to get 2 vehicles, giving the sensation of “more free time” to do other things.

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