So before another new premium jet is added for the US can we do something about the current mess?

We still have US teams completely stomping from the 8.7 BR range all the way up to 11.0.

How are planes like the F-5E and C allowed to sit so low?

How about the A-10s? How have none of these been addressed during the last BR adjustment pass? The aim-9L is impossible to evade and the A-10s themselves are a nightmare to fight.

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honestly the f5 is disgustingly undertiered.

Especially while worse planes like f4e, f4juk sit considerably higher in BR.

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Compared to other 10.3s, the F-5C is generally the jack of all trades. Against 9.3s though, it may be a bit too powerful. As for the F-5E, it could honestly be at 11.0 and do mostly fine. However, F-16As shouldn’t be facing F-4Es, nor F-5Es, nor pretty much any 11.0.

As for the A-10, flaring + maneuvering will allow you to evade the Aim-9Ls. The A-10 itself is very slow, so all you have to do it outrun it and wait for a good opportunity to strike it (when it doesn’t see you or has run out of energy). If you are in a sub-sonic, that does have any flares, the best advice I have for you is to just stay away from it, and keep track of how many missiles it flung. Then you can go in for the kill.

F-5C’s analogues are all 10.3: Mig-21MF & SMT, Mirage 3C/E, Crusader F-8E, AJ-37.

And all of F-5E’s analogues are all 10.7 with every 11.0 being superior to it.
J-35XS, F-4F, Kfir Canard.

I agree that the J-35XS (and the J-7E) are better air superiority fighters than the F-5E, but the F-5E can deal with helicopters and ground vehicles much better.
The problem I see is that the BRs for ARB shouldn’t be the BRs for GRB, which is what Gaijin is supposedly about to fix in some upcoming changes.