Smaller Air RB team sizes option should only find small team matches

I think anyone who checks the option to queue for smaller teams in Air RB has no interest in 16v16 at all. I’d rather wait 3 minutes matchmaking to find a small match than to instantly find a 16v16 match.


Believe it or not, most normal people arent interested in the (politics) going on in the game, they just hop on and play.

Just a small majority are voicing their complaints right now and it would be unfair if something this major is strictly enforced without notice. Its Great they’ve started by making it an option.

If i had to wait 3 minutes to find a game and im rammed by an ally or i die to the first person i see, i wouldn’t be encouraged to play again

It would still remain an option, that’s not something i want enforced. I just think it’s better that if someone enables the option, it will only find small sized matches.


well then i totally agree with you.
If its enabled, it should be 100% a small lobby


Yeah when you actually talk to other human players in game you’ll find the most people hate the 16v16 lobbies. But whatever man, this is why they need to make it a separate Queue, let you furball bots have your farmfest and let us actual gamers play our fun lobbies.

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