Skyflash issue

Can someone please explain to me why the Skyflash barely ever hits it’s target? It says on the wiki for the premium Phantom that “Skyflash missiles also have a tendency to not detonate or lose track at the last second” and I have experienced this multiple times, does anyone know why this happens?

I very, very rarely manage to hit anything with a skyflash. Out of 30 shots I’ll probably get one hit. If that.

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true the premium f4j uk is just pathetic, no spey engines, no agile eagle, no hmd, no aim7F. I’d say that it’s the worse phantom after f4c . At least F4E/F doesn’t have to get slaughtered by 12.3 jets

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it isn’t bad, but it’s very… situational.

I once launched a SkyFlash at an F-16 6 km head on, same level as me at about angels 5, it didn’t move or even chaff and my missile… missed?