SKR - 7. When is it going up in BR?

Constantly seeing these things dominate battles. They kill destroyers, coastal and air with ease and they never seem to take critical damage. They just destroy everything.


They are kinda insane. Hit one with a full broadside of HE shells from a belfast (so 12x 6inch HE shells) and it just shrugged them off like I was firing potatoes at it. It was insane.


4.3 is far too low. 5.0 is the BR it should be at. The fact this can see 3.3 boats armed with 20mils and .50cals is just stupid. And you can’t drop a bomb on it unless it’s preoccupied.


Issue is the same as all naval things. In a downtier it is op and in an uptier it cant do anything. Skr vs battleships doesnt work and skr vs coastal doesnt work

Yeah, Im not entirely sure why they’ve opted to compress Naval so much, absolutely no need for it. WIth the exception of aircraft being used I suppose.

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They really could just prevent aircraft past a certain point being used. Besides unless you use guided ordinance you are just going to get murdered by the volume of fire

I would rather see less of those SKR´s that except for the odd lucky hit are invinceable and just blast everything that is on the map. I see them so often that I have gone over to leaving the game when I see them. My favorite ride is the G5 so guess what happens when you bump into a SKR?

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SKR-7 is an OP vehicle at its current BR.

SKR-7 deserves to be moved to 4.7 or 5.0