Skill issue in simulator


I struggle to fly both Focke-Wulf Doras and Spitfires in simulator, anyone got any tips for me? My main issue is not spinning.

Torque is your problem.

Either trim more, or lower throttle, or more gradually bring the power on.

It’s so common that it’s a reason why many old warbirds crash.

I can take off I just can’t really fight someone, as soon as I start any maneuvers I go into a spin.

I also have a hard time flying the Spit around, but I can do it

Speed then and maintaining your momentum and direction.

I have the same issue with the Spitfire. I gave up, but its more that I just lack the time to learn it and would rather just hit things in the Tornado IDS.

Yeah, its really fiddly, Especially the spits with really limited trim settings (no roll) The aircraft do spin out really easily. I thin you need to turn down sensitivity quite a bit to allow for bigger imputs with smaller effects. At least thats what I plan to do the next time I try it

Even with speed I tend to go into a spin,

I am on keyboard and mouse if that changes anything

I find aircraft like the Typhoon and Tempest to be really fun, but I can’t get the Spitfire right because every turn ends in me flatspinning

Yea it’s gonna be hard man, you really want to look at the gear if you are keen on it. Whilst people say they play it with mouse and keyboard, I think a lot of people say that they play it, because of the ease of the grinding of missions, compared to them actually doing anything in it.

It was only a couple of days back that people have started asking again for peopel to just join their matches to get them started, exploiting empty sim rooms to make easy score… Just seems dumb.

It is really dumb, but I am reasonably competent in aircraft like Typhoons, 109s, Hurricane, I just can’t get my head around how unstable the Dora and Spitfire is

Be a lot more gradual with the throttle, that torque is making your problem go nuts…

Once that spin starts I think you gotta nose down to recover, but you’ve got to keep that heading and direction going, against the torque.

As Morvan_ said about with the controls, it is a lot to do with it… The ‘speed’ of things coming on, will make it flick and change very fast.

(Edit - I also do mean it about Pilotage… It’s a good map, and a good quiet room can be achieved by putting a password on it, and inviting rando friends in to have a bit of a jam)

Alright I might have to muck around with pitch and stuff I guess, thanks for the help, I’ll give it a go

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YEah, I’ve asked previously (on the old forums) about flying the spit and have been told they are without a doubt the hardest prop to fly in ASB. So I think i need to start with something like the Hurricane and work my way up

I find that the Spitfire is on a whole different level to the Hurricane, with some difficulty I can fly the Spit, I just can’t fight in it because 90% of the time I’m trying not to fall out of the sky.

Though apparently that was fairly accurate to IRL. You’d start in a Hurricane and then move over to the spitfire when you had enough experience. Yeah, that was my problem. I could get from point a to point b. But flat spin the moment anything appeared

I’ve heard that they were really easy to fly, and that they’re really forgiving aircraft, not in war thunder though.

The Spitfire FM is too floaty to be enjoyable currently. I doubt if this is even close to how it flew in real life… One micro stick movement and your nose goes flying into the stratosphere… 🤦‍♂️ Your best bet is to reduce the Multiplier settings for the pitch axis to something like .6. It’s ridiculous that one single type of aircraft requires a different stick setting than everything else in this game. The broken Spitfire FM has been a subject of discussion for years now, and the Devs just ignore it.

For FW 190’s, you just have to stay fast, and don’t turn too hard.


alright thanks!

Just set the pitch modifier/multiplier to 95-90% and u wont stall anymore( probably). Then later u will get a better felling of control and then be able to use all of your pitch( and dont forget to use rudder, i even set it to the same axis of the ailerons, but with 50% multiplier)

Scary. I figured it out though, I just need to use 10% sensitivity

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