Situational Awareness in Air Sim Battles

I’m a noob at sim, so take my comments with a bit of salt, I’m truly trying to learn to have the best experience and so far, it is a ton of fun in VR with HOTAS running a 5800X3D w/4090 64GB RAM, HP Reverb G2, etc.

First, I have 4300 hours and counting on Steam and was playing before WT hit Steam and have done since about 2013. I’m a mediocre player at best, who has spent the vast majority of my time in RB Ground. Completely ignored, for the most part, the Air battles, so my air trees are sparce. I have filled out America, German, French, Japanese, Swedish, Israel and Russian ground trees, give or take a vehicle or two and most of Italy ground. Being a career man who’s raised two kids to adulthood, I’ll freely admit I’ve purchased plenty over the years. No time to grind and all that, so Gaijin has got their due from me. I ground out some and bought others. So I ask…

With that out of the way, HOW IN THE HOLY HELL do you keep SA in Sim air battles. I mean, there’s realism and then there’s terrible mechanics. I mean, if realism is the argument, where are my air directors, radar operators, ground stations telling me which direction to go and who is engaged and where? No Sqdrn HQ to radio to get a azimuth at the very least to friendly units.

The sight distance for ID’ing friendlies just makes SIM battles a free-for-all, with a bunch of random pings and Cats just doing what cats do; their own thing.

Is it me? I admit I’m not skilled, but am I missing something? Sim battles should be way more filled, but I feel that SA is too much of a problem and I find myself trying to either find a Sqdrn, which I have no time for or just going back to RB/ DCS.

Before anyone starts in on me, I LOVE WT. Read my Steam review. Being called a “Fanboi” of WT would be an arguably fair statement. Money talks and I’ve certainly spent the lionshare of my pc gaming software money on WT.

Lancer VI

Why not play DCS at this point, it doesn’t seem out of your budget. War thunder sim is half abondoned, and plagued with other issues

I own all of the DCS aircraft, so already with ya. But I still love WT.

I guess I lament what WT Sim COULD be.

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It’s fun but it’s held down

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I absolutely agree. I fear it’s only monetary, and I have certainly not helped that. I fed the troll and now I reap what I sow.

You always reap what you sow; more than you sowed and later than you sowed it.

I ruined WT!!! LOL

Damnit! Who has time for the grind!