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[Do you hate using only a single vehicle in the battle and want to punish them?]
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There are many players in the game who only use one vehicle during a battle and exit the battle after death. We need to punish them.

I have two suggestions

The first one: Is to impose a “deserter fine” of 10W Silver Lion on those who only use a single vehicle within 5 minutes and exit after death.

The second type: After the end of this game, players with an activity level of 20% -30% will be fined a “irresponsible fine” of 2W-5W Silver Lion, and players with an activity level of less than 20% will be fined a “deserter fine” of 10W Silver Lion.

supplement: These two suggestions are two methods and do not need to be implemented simultaneously.


People leaving matches early are not the issue, it is the symptom of the issue that we must find and fix instead. So no, I’m sorry. We cannot engineer people from acting in specific unwanted behaviours, like water it will only leak to some other place. What you are proposing is short sighted and counterintuitive to fixing any issues.


1 vehicle lineups are part of the problem.


That is simply not true. Why people bring single-vehicles-lineups are part the problem. We should spend some time figuring that one out!


Agreed about eliminating/mitigating the problems of those who ODL and finding out what can be done to help them stay in the battle but certainly you must understand that 1 vehicle lineups are part of the problem. How can they not be?

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Hh you are right then. I agree with that


I see 2 ways:
1 way could be encouragement to players to put more vehicles in their lineup for higher rewards (examples could be - researching several vehicles, additional SL and other rewards).
Another way, would be to allow to use that single vehicle twice, or even three times per battle - depending on mode (it should be no questions with arcade, which basically should function like reserve vehicles;
As for Ground Realistic Battles, it would depend on how many spawn points are left).
I’m just wondering if that last suggestion is or isn’t… possible due to devs way of encouraging golden eagle and other premium stuff sales…


No. Punishing people for leaving is a bad move rather than incentivizing stay.
I shouldn’t be fined because I don’t want to damage my body’s waste management system, I accidentally misclick due to over-stimulated audible sensors, or the team not being in the match anymore.


Most people that only bring one vehicle in a lineup are people that buy premiums to grind a tree. The solution isnt punishing these players its giving them more vehicles to play. Why not give them an additional tech tree vehicle that they can borrow until they hit a certain rank or something? I bought the CV90105 to grind out the Swedish ground tech tree. I find it absurd how you think punishing players that contribute to the game is a good idea…


What you have to do is not punish, but rather encourage, so that every time you take out a vehicle, your total RP and silver lions gain will increase by 10%, so if you take out a third vehicle you will earn 20% and a third one. 30% although I would stop there, in the following ones that 30% would be maintained, so I suppose that the players would be encouraged to stay longer in the games.
Another thing that would need to be done is to give the vehicles a line of appearance on the maps, to do this you would have to modify the maps making them bigger, that is, wider and longer, and then on one side of the map and the opposite to make two complete lines, where the players would mark exactly the point where they wanted to leave, thus you encourage spawncamping, causing even fewer people to leave the game prematurely. The example would be like this:

Need to correct the disastrous damage model that the game has, completely unreal, with bullets that are OP, others that do nothing, that you depend on that the enemy carries all his ammunition to be able to kill him with one shot and more things that the only thing they do is make the players tense up and make them leave the game and even the game. That is very important to correct.

And what makes me leave the game most of the time, is nothing and nothing less than the penetration errors, for me there is nothing more frustrating than shooting someone and the bullet damage disappears, and the The problem is that it has been happening very often for some time, so much so that it seems to be created on purpose so that you get killed and lose games without being able to do anything, so my solution is to exit the game, and then with all the tanks blocked start another one The only one unlocked, so there are at least two games that I play with a single tank.An example is this images


I continued playing because I needed the points for the event, but otherwise I would have exited the game and possibly wouldn’t play any more for the whole day, and the image is from the first game I played. This particular bug is something that a game developer cannot afford, is something that would have to be corrected immediately, but it hasn’t been there for a while now and it happens to all types of projectiles and against all types of armor.
In summary, punishing does not solve anything, the first thing is to fix the bugs and failures that make people leave, and then encourage people to spend more time in the game, although surely gaijin bets more on punishing, it is easier and quick to do.


I remind you that this is a game, and in compliance with its rules, everyone is free to do what they want, it makes no sense to penalize players who decide to leave the game after a death, someone who uses all tanks even tells you that if the defeat is obvious.


Issuing penalty’s to players who leave after one death isn’t an incentive to stay its more of a deterrent encouraging them to not play at all, There are many reasons why people leave after one death from facing things they cant kill, one shot snipers, spawn campers, SL costs (this has actually be mostly fixed over the years), and even spawn point.
No one likes up-tiers it sucks when you are forced to use a vehicle that is in no way able to fight other vehicles in the match same goes for snipers, we have all had matches where you have some dude sniping from the very corner of the map. Spawn campers are no fun either but you cant stop that.

Then you have spawn points, I for one have always hated spawn points because vehicles cost way too much to spawn and if you die then that’s pretty much half of your pool, so what is the point of continuing on just to feed someone else points.
It’s like naval enduring conflict by the time you get enough spawn point with some ships to bring out a battleship the match is already over.


Instead of a single vehicle penalty I’d rather have a multi-vehicle reward.

For each vehicle you spawn you get an increasing repair discount.

  • 1 spawn: No discount.
  • 2 spawns: 5% overall discount.
  • 3 spawns: 10% overall discount.
  • 4 spawns: 15% overall discount.
  • Etc

This is also a good way, we can have both rewards and punishments

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To all people complaining about 1 vehile line-ups: Air RB uses 1 vehicle lineup and it is fine. The issue for Ground is that maps are waaaaaaaay too small for actual tank combat to take place.


I’d rather they not play at all then. This is a great solution to eliminate weakminded players who put me at a disadvantage when they leave less than three or four minutes into the match.

The issue with ground forces is that Gaijin are happy to force multiple vehicle lineups because they can then sell backups or stuff them in lootboxes to pad out the contents.

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Punishing players for quitting after 1 death wont ever stop them from quitting said game. Address the reasons for people quitting and maybe more would stay. Dozens of suggestions have already been given to gaijin for this, they just need to be willing to implement them


This is a horrible solution it wont eliminate them all this will do is just push queue times higher and have less players, no one wins then.

I don’t care if it doesn’t change their behavior. They need to be punished and I need to be reimbursed for their making my game experience worse.

I’d rather play less games that are better quality than more games with 25% or more 1 spawns.

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but if the one death leavers didnt leave in the first place they wouldnt be getting spawn killed.