Single vehicle penalty

but if the one death leavers didnt leave in the first place they wouldnt be getting spawn killed.

I mean… I still get to play the tank I want to. So all it does is keep me from playing any other ground vehicles in the next game or two. I am stuck with one tank, that I don’t mind playing with no option to play other vehicles in that line up. You are essentially promoting me to one death leave. Lets go!

Do you know how many times I have marked a tank that is spawn camping for my friendlies only to watch them roll off and get killed without even trying… They are free food anyways so it doesn’t matter.

Why don’t you join a squadron, and play with squadmates? It’s a better option than hoping that a bunch of random people from the internet who are now your teammates, are to have the same goals as you? At least with squadmates (use voice comms would be even better) you will be able to coordinate, work together or counter the enemy more effectively.

Most 1 death leavers are new players with high tier premiums

Punishing is the wrong way to go about it. One should rather reward people for trying to the very end of a match.


That would be a far better approach

I do play with friends often but it’s not always feasible. Besides, that’s not a solution to the problem. Even with three friends, that’s a lot of other players on the team.

This is only a problem at top tier, and it’s only a problem at top tier because the maps are NOT suited for modern vehicles and the grind to get support vehicles is intolerable.

The developers need to make much larger maps with less cover in the middle for top tier vehicles so that players don’t get eaten in their spawn by players controlling power positions in the middle of the map. The grind for light tanks/tank destroyers/SPAA also needs to be significantly reduced (perhaps compensated for by increasing the grind for medium/heavy/MBTs).

CAS is also huge in driving 1-death leaving. Helicopters will sometimes spawn rush and leave as soon as they are killed. If there are 5 KA-50s up and you don’t have SPAA in your line-up/team, you aren’t motivated to continue playing.

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The problem is Gaijins game design.

If youre pushing to get research for the tech tree or mods, there is little reason to use more than 1 vehicle. Expecially if you buy a premium or have just made a significant tech jump thats made most of your lineup awful.

Ive done it myself. Particularly when i got the FN4202 (7.0 at the time). Everything else became laughably bad by comparison.

Because you also have access to research one teir up and down, youre incentivised to get one tank at the highest possible level when you teir up, then backwards fill. Particularly because so many trees dont have strong line up at certain levels. So again using my FN4202 example, i had a solid 4.7 line up on the British lineup. While there are good vehicles around 5-6 there isnt a particularly good lineup. So i went stright down to the FN4202 then sacked off every other line up slot because you cant bring a 4.7 into a 7.0 game. And having a 7.0 and playing at that level made grinding the rest of tier 3 and 4 so much easier because you just get more of everything.

And obviously if you premium into a higher rank, which is the best way to grind a new tree, you legitimately might have no choice but to single vehicle it.

The problem isnt the players. The problem is Gaijins monetisation. In order to nickle and dime players for every last penny, theyve designed it in such a way that single vehicle line outs are often both the most efficient way to play to certain vehicle goals and the most enjoyable as you avoid getting hit by significant downtier