Sinai Fog - Why?

With the newest update, gaijin have made sinai a perma-fog mess where you can barely see in front of your plane. I can accept low visibility sometimes, but to make it a hazy mess every single game is a visual headache.

They also screwed with the alpha on lower graphics settings so that everything looks washed out, and frame drops are common for people who weren’t getting them before, myself included. I like the QoL coming in this update… but a few decisions boggle the mind.

The fog does lead to more small engagements and 1v1s, but it should not be every game.

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Fog should be a rarity. Like 1 out of 100 games.

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The fog leads to you being 3rd partied because War Thunder has ‘Borg’ spotting, so as soon as one enemy sees you, they spot you for their entire team.

It’s very bad.

did get the fog twice in a row on the Sinai map in SB EC. A rare encounter I like, Weather adds more to the game without a lot of effort, but it was very “extreme” and maybe too common