Sinai Desert - GRB

Today they modified the Sinai desert

What is the reason for making the maps smaller?

Because they don’t like people to flank and use different routes ?

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The map is anyway garbage.


“Based on player feedback” apparently. Not sure where the feedback is coming from because here and on Reddit the response is almost universally negative to these changes.


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[POLL] Revert back the maps change to original - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum


wait, they nerfed the only good map? The only one you could actually use for longe range sniping in tanks designed for long range sniping, like the CR2?


yes now they try to making the map for idiots to play.



One more reason why I hate GRB at the moment, the need to make every map CQB because soviet tanks suck at long range fire

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Mate, not everything revolves around them.

Every map is becoming CQB focused. The only nation with tanks designed IRL for tank vs tank CQB is the soviets. All NATO tanks were designed for hull-down, long range fire, from defensive positions. The nation that will benefit the most from maps becoming more and more CQB is the soviets. To have a fair experience. you need maps with long range aspects, like this map, because not all tanks are good, or even able, to operate effectively in a CQB brawl.


If they wanted to cater to the USSR, they would do that from the start.

So they destroyed one of the few good big maps… great.


They do that from the start.

Sinai remained the same for years, so no.

Read again Movrans statement to which you refer, so yea!

That why nowadays i prefer playing CAS instead

And anything that can out do soviet in their CQC game they considering as Overpowered and what nation can do that? Sweden with Strv122 ofc the tanks that Russian mains crying it overpowered because it harder to kill than Leopard.

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There’s no point in adding larger maps in the first place if your goal is to produce maps that cater to a single nation.
Literal waste of time.

I have only played the new version once, and my god was it easy to exploit the right flank with certain ATGM carriers like Ratel 20.

You basically reload the launcher directly off the cap zone, meaning that you are able to reload in like, half the time vs normal and you are reloading missiles to fire the next 1 before they even hit the enemy, so you are just firing like a tank.

You can literally lock down the top right spawn from that cap zone in a single vehicle. If I wasnt drinking/just having a fun time, I would have gotten a nuke via spawncamping from a cap point I am pretty sure.

Maybe a fluke, but that cap zone is well, err, yeah, a bit busted from my first impression.

Right hand deserts are fine in my view, lots of dip cover and you can just fight it out over there. The right hand side is just grim for exploit now you dont have to worry about being outflanked from above…

Wide open flat desert, in my slow ass Waffentrager open top…great map change!

It’s a shame as a premium account I can’t ban more than one, because there are just so many bad designs now.

I’m going to just let my premium account expire and stop funding their stupidity.