Simulator maps

The maps available in aerial simulator mode have not been changed for a long time and are for the most part poorly suited to modern aircraft combat (too small, no relief…), I am thinking in particular of Dover Strait, Sicily, Stalingrad and the majority of maps from the Second War.

The question I ask (before making a suggestion) is to see if players would be interested in seeing new maps arrive in this mode. In the maps already present in game that can arrive in simulator mode there are Pyrenees, Korea, Golan Heights and the new map in China whose name I forgot.

In addition, certain tank maps present in the game could very well serve as a new map for aerial simulator battles. This could notably be the case with Pradesh, Sweden, Spaceport or Japan.

All these new maps would bring diversity to the combat scenarios and present interesting designs and reliefs for aerial simulator battles.


fr, a larger pyranees map for sim would be one of the best things this game can ever do imo

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idk about adding the ground maps as they are too small for any air maps as they are now, but making maps like pyranees or southeastern city larger EC maps would be great

New maps, new objectives, new improvements period!

The Devs have been ignoring Sim for way too long. What the hell is Gaijin doing with all this premium vehicle money they’re making? They’re certainly not trying to improve the gameply experience…

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Often tank battle maps are incorporated into much larger maps, for example Sinai Sand is present in the Sinai simulator map (same for Red Desert, Stalingrad…). This is the idea that I wanted to propose here, to have a simulator map with the same style of relief and decoration as Pradesh or Japan

I’d love to see Pyrenees, by far the best map for EC imo

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Japan would also be nice, with interesting topography.

My dream would obviously be a nicely reproduced map of the Alps…

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I’m not sure that Pyrenees is the best map for the simulation in reality(It would be a good map but probably not the best), the mountains are very steep and the valleys very narrow which could block a lot of gameplay, on the other hand I think that the new map in China would be perfect, there is mid-mountain with good areas for hiding and the terrain is varied

TBH I forgot that both Sinai maps are in the same area, but yeah in that case Jungle would be very good

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Set objectives would be great. I don’t know like; napalm a set area and bomb another; intercept the strike aircraft’s; fly low, pass though a mountainous or canyon with AA at the top, etc etc

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