Simulator Cockpit instruments

Sim battles are my thing in this game 🎯!
I’ve played before Sim with instruments only no UI
It wass amazing!
My suggestion is:
Remove UI that help you with temperature ,speed ,radar etc…only instruments!
Something so beautiful and working properly is not to be used!

It was here before. The problem is that not all machines have functional instruments in the cockpit and there are also quite a few players who use the virtual cockpit.


Actually very few if any have fully working cockpits, often not even basic instruments are working or contain all features.

What really would be needed is to invest a bit in adding necessary cockpit functionalities (navigation, for example), and fix existing errors (completely unrealistic HUD behaviour)


I would love if they finally fleshed out all the missing cockpits!

It is something I have been waiting for since 2013!

maybe the number of official rooms should be increased first, the scenarios should be repaired and maintained. many problems should be fixed.

wishing for perfect cockpits now is like spraying cream on a plate without having baked the cake.

Not wishing for perfect cockpits -that’s more the provinence of DCS - but some basic functionality fixed or added.

Very problematic is for example the fact that many modernish aircraft with old-style sights/HUD do NOT have a display for selected CCRP targets, or for GBU release. Or a correctly working HUD (flight path marker and horizon / attitude ladder)…

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ok but some basic functionality fixed or added yes, that’s how I see it too.
but something like this is more like number 125 or 126 on my wish list :) I exaggerated a bit with the number. first I would like to have the many basic problems solved step by step.

I had hoped for a big list of sim improvements with the last big update. but somehow this day is always a disappointment.

I’d be for this - I use the instruments only (outside some radars where there is no in-cockpit radar) but there’s so many problems with the ones that we do have they’d need to fix all the issues.

I mean why not? War thunder premium planes are as expensive as DCS modules and are worse in quality in every way.

I tried to do this. Fly only with cockpit instruments back in the Phantom, and found that basically none worked. Not even air speed indicator iirc. So gave up. Some aircraft like the Tornado have all the info I need on the HUD and usually use that, but the advantages of the game HUD are such, that its not worth turning it all off.

That being said, would love to be able to massively configure it. Choose exactly what info I want and what info I dont want. The game’s UI is barely configurable

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