Simple changes that would improve the maps part 1

Is that gibberish i hear? What?

Let me guess you either grew up in Germany, Austria or the US.

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Till Lindemann GIF

If you can guess where I am now, you’ll get … no idea ^^

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Hungary ? haha or was the Gif with Rammstein a hint that youre really in Rammstein rn?

To finish the OT ^^ I went from Germany to Sweden. But I got indeed a small connection to Rammstein ^^ I was the postman who delivered the mail to Richard Kruspe and Flake ^^ they both live in the same neighbourhood.

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Wow thats cool! Sweden interesting. I love my little corrupt austria to much to leave it and if I would consider to leave then it would be madeira, malta or something where its warm weather conditions.

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Welcome to sweden sorry for the current crimewave 😅

Anyway, have you been to any of our national armour and aviation museums. The aviation archive has flight logs, and manuals for every aircraft sweden has ever operated. Its a damn good source for info


No, no more mal changes. You guys suggest these things and they ruin the maps entirely.

If you wanna stick to the old small CQB Maps, then do so. But I dont wanna and alot of players also.

The old maps were bigger. What are you talking about? The EE maps were huge. We are now moving into small CQB maps…

Those were the really old ones. I talked about the current maps and called it old. In my example the EC Maps what I was refering to would be the “new” ones.

I can’t even decipher that buddy. I tried but you’ve lost me.

The old maps were larger. They butchered the crap out of all the maps in the last year or two. We used to have large open maps.

Now we have small squished maps. They’ve taken out huge areas and made sections out of bounds. The map design has severely deteriorated. It’s honestly very annoying.

Ive lost you? Maybe bc I wrote it to confusy ? I just said that I know the map were larger, Tunesia large for example. But that isnt what I meant. I described a scenario which would be the current maps would be “the old ones” IF there would be EC Ground maps where ONE Square (A5 for example) would be for 10.0 1000meters or maybe 2000meters large. Then those maps would be “the new ones”.

I know that there was Maps back then which were much larger than today ones.