Simple changes that would improve the maps part 1

Yep, players have recently become more toxic and agressive. Idealy id like to make voicechat a thing in WT but language barriers would be pretty bad. In theory it would work. But idk. Hopefully oneday i can say to the Tiger II there is a M24 on the corner without having to write in chat or ping in deperation

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Hey there! and Guten Morgen!

This didnt solve anything. Its a naiv and simple idea, but useless ngl.

Gaijin is more interested in bringing “new” Vehicles in the game and earn money than changing on the system unless the playerbase revolte again.

Fact! The current playerbase dont even want to improve their gamestyle. Im an Consolero and Ive saw sooo many people that reached 9.7 or 10.0 etc and even if they spaded their vehicles they still used heatfs bc it has on paper “more” pen. Those kind of people, the unexpierenced one, they play every map the same and get obliriated (or how do you spell)
And thats the one of the two reason why people get somecamped.

Fact! Would be a nice addition. Would solve the problem with blocking each other, especially when you want to reach a early game god position and you cant bc Tiger2H or Leopard2A4(premium) c0xkblocking you.

Right! Years doesnt count that much in experience imho. Battles either. K/D per match and how long you average stay alive these two combined is the key for experience imo.

One of the many uncounterble issues what WT have are the size of the maps and their layouts. Its totally fine to play 3.0-4.7 on Berlin, Rheine, harbor, factory. But on those maps even 5.7 is already unplayable. Bc those maps are designed for low tier vehicles.

You can transfer you account PC, idk if youve done that. But yeah linking so crossplatform saveing like in Call of Duty, doesnt work sadly.

Its just broken bc of the mapsize and their layouts. Even maginot line like the example from OP is to small for Tanks like T80BVM, ZTZ99A, Leo2a7 etc. All those vehicles drive at least 68 Km/h top speed and they reach that (except Ariete and Challengers). But it doesnt make any sense if you playing 11.7 and 30 sec in the game you are in the middle of the map.

Maybe the game is that old and back there wasnt even a Leopard 1 in the game. But the maps are designed back there. And if you carefully watch, youll see that with every major update the maps got bigger, but not big enough. Bc sadly a lot of Call od Duty Run n Gun players entered WT and they dont want to drive 2 mins to get to action. They want it arcadier, but dont want to play Arcade Mode bc lack of RP/SL and some other reasons.
Its now a big deal, bc somewhere it is enough. And peoples desire and wishes changes after time. Some are totally fine how it is today, but some arent fine with it. But for those who arent fine with it, for those there isnt another option.

This is more important than new vehicles in the game. If gaijin put balancing/maplayout/size and game mechanics long enough away, then the game get boring and sometimes unplayable. So then the players new vehicles cant reach that what they really could do.

The playerbase is connected with up and downs. But it increases not decreases.


I’m going to expand a little and bring in certain social aspects.
In the last 20-30 years, many people have constantly heard you’re great the way you are, stay the way you are. You don’t have to change for others.
And that’s where we are now. Everyone is demanding changes because they don’t want to work on themselves in any way, even though this is the easiest and quickest solution.
When I think back to 1995 and earlier, you had to find out for yourself how games work and how to win. Today, even winning is no longer an issue. Being there is everything! Trophies for everyone!
WT really still has aspects where you are not taken by the hand. I think that’s good in part. Why is it that a small number of players manage to cope with all these things that are so regularly criticised? The answer is simple. A different mindset. Where others only see a label with “problem”, these players see a label with “possibilities”.
And I fear that our social development will only make things worse. Nobody feels responsible for anything and greed is everywhere.
If things are unclear, please ask me. If you think you understand something differently, ask me if I mean it that way. Please don’t insinuate that I mean it that way. Unfortunately, the written word always leaves room for interpretation.


Everytime i criticise these types of CQB maps of being very onesided players pull the skill issue card or they bring up a completely different BR bracket like top tier when im talking about 3.3-5.7 yea i know the Strv 122 is good i CQB but thats not what i was talking about, or they bring up the Strv 42DT swedens only capable tank for CQB meanwhile there are shermans everywhere. Or T-34s that dominate me with their drivers hatches

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They could remove all one point maps. That would make the game a whole lot more enjoyable…

Woah 🤯 deep. Yea i agree. I do rage at this game but who doesent rage at a game. I like Warthunder because its fun and you can do some pretty stupid stuff in it. And i love it. From taking a Strv 40L to 5.7 and annoying enemies with the Apds that can pen the tiger hull front st point plank


I suggest removing points from those maps and make it into a game of attrition

Since that would make players more defencive about how they should play. Enemy with most players wins

Points shouldnt be removed. They should add more of them. Removing points or only having one point only encourages spawncamping because thats the most effective way of gaining rewards. More points would give people more things to do on the map therefore making spawn camping less viable if you want more rewards

When i get a one point map i simply leave because the maps arent made for 1 point setups. One side always has an advantage in pushing the point and from there its just spawncamping

This ahould be paired with bigger maps and randomised spawn grids to prevent that

Yea gaijin should fix their maps, but they dont want to because this is their way of controlling rp gain now. They make the maps smaller to reduce match time and rp gain.

Welp if you know the map is one sided play defencively or aggresively depending on the situation. Then it will be easier to win the round.

You should see me here when I get mad. As often as I fly off the handle. I’m practising hard to keep that out of the chat. But that’s also normal. The question is what do we make of it? Do we learn from it and work on ourselves or do we give in to it and say “I can’t do anything about it anyway”.
I’ve experienced this so often in my job, among friends and even in my family. In the end, I left my home country and started again because it got too stupid for me in this country.
I can also understand with regard to some maps (to get back on topic) that some players play ODL. The maps are sometimes bad. Holland is my current ban. They built a map that wasn’t thought through at all from the start, but seemed rather sloppy.
Others don’t like Flanders. I love the map. It’s just stupid for players who have only looked at the rest of the map once and since then only drive around on the eastern side. The map offers so many possibilities and I have fun on both sides. (My opinion, doesn’t have to be yours)


Personally my total RP per match is adding up to be more than before. Sure it feels like less but in reality its coming at a more rapid pace

I find I am just losing respect for the game but in doing so I have become like the pro Gaijin posse on here.I just play for myself and treat the game with the contempt it deserves and pretend all the bad points dont exist.

Flanders is awesome i hide in the storage bunker are in wait in my Strv 40L to engine kill a poor tiger before torturing him

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Hmm, is that coping mechanism i hear?? We cant have that justice for gotham!!!

Those kind of players are the worst! Bc they argue complete off topic. A Skill issue is when you try to use your -10° and you weaf or you weaf a shot but the enemys isnt even watching ur direction.

Maybe it is, but its real strengh isnt CQB same as the other western style vehicles. Eastern style vehicles are for low terrain they build for that bc of russia has that many mountains and hills in their territory, thats what people dont get. They watch this game like an alternative to Battlefield or Call of Duty with Vehicles. (And it kinda is currently)

Nah. I mean one point cap modes arent that funny in the most cases bc of allies only focuse on that single cap even if the enemy is flanking their sides and the sad part is, they know that the enemy is flanking but still only focusing that single cap.
But Single cap also can be fun. Imho this Call of Dutys Domination playstyle with caps is pretty outdated and they have to do some effort and work in the current modes. It not only affect GRB, in GSB its the same.
So that only removal dont really would change alot.

Are you refering to my “maps are to small and their layouts are to lame for certain BRs” ?

okey. I guess I know what you wanna say, but didnt you think the game needs improvement?
I mean only why we make suggestions and discuss about them, doesnt mean we dont like the game or we just complain about it. Maybe I got you wrong here…

“Enemy with the better players wins” not the most. I already turned games with friends and even when I played alone, those are the moments what I feel the most.

Why thinking only so simple? Spin it further your idea. Adding more content in the actual modes, sounds great and I think many of the players would agree. Only caps? Do you want to play Domination only? Think about it what you wanna see.
For example there is the Heli PvE mode, one of the saddest and baddest modes ever created imo. But its an EC mode, where you have multiple objectives in the battle. There you have Enemy plane formations which wanna bomb ground targets, you have Ground battles where two AI Teams fight stationary and you objective is to destroy the enemys of course, then you have the bases which you have to destroy, enemy AI Convoys. So there is tons of Content ideas out there and I bet if people stop complaining about simple things and start thinking how to improve the game with fresh things, it would be a whole other discussion.

Aslong as we stick to “old” gamemodes, as long we get “old” problems with it.


They make maps from update to update bigger not smaller, but they arent big enough for certain BRs imho.
And they dont have to “fix” it. It should be a mode where you can play even if GRB and GSB small maps, when people like it, why delete it?
But they should do a Mode to with biga$$ maps where a match is significantly longer than 10 minutes.
Okey then we have 15 different modes out there, but who cares? Other games do it too, why shouldnt gaijin do it with WT either?

Fact! Not everybody like everything. And you shouldnt be force to. If you like CQB Maps then you should have the possibility to play those maps, same counts for maps which are built like “lanes”, open maps, small maps, biga$$ maps, maps with different terrain in it(like a map that has rivers connected with bridges, lakes big and small ones, cities and villages, forrests, open fields, mountainchains and hills, etc. But for those options WT needs to be improve Gamemode wise and maplayout wise, not only focusing on “new vehicles types” bc not only premium are their income also premium time etc and if the player has more variety then I assume that they would spend alot more)

You get now quicker less RP, but players like me, tend to see a big amount of RP/SL in a longer period of time.


Bigger maps, dynamic spawns…revolutionary and radical, yet so damn simple :-)
Both would solve a bunch of issues this game currently has in regards to both spawncamping from ground and air.

Until that, for the love of all that is holy they should ditch conquest in RB asap!

It’s just sad that maps are getting smaller and smaller, battles faster and faster, maps more and more broken ( like Ardennes domination #2) after Gaijin “fixing”.

Neither. It was meant more generally in relation to social development. A brief example, albeit far removed from the game: I was fed up with the country I grew up in and solved my problem without further ado by emigrating. Best decision in my life.
I think that some maps are actually too small for certain BR areas and the design and layouts are also in need of improvement.

Oh and how I see room for improvement, even in the spawn areas, CAS, vehicle balance.
But I also see the opportunity for improvement with many players. But I can’t and won’t demand that of anyone. I wish for it. More is not possible and should not be. Because it’s a game and I don’t want anyone to be pulling all-nighters to become a better player.
It should be a natural desire to get better by learning from situations and trying to avoid mistakes. And that’s where I see problems. Many people give up their brains when they click on "to Battle!

On the contrary, I think suggestions are so important and I also think it’s important to talk about them. It is sometimes … well … to put it mildly … repetitive to hear the same demands that have been used for a long time and don’t bring about any improvements.
I’ve been here for over 300 days and it always goes round in circles. There are clever people here with good suggestions. And there are good proposals that just can’t be implemented. We need to talk about that.
And a proposal must also be able to withstand someone saying “The problem lies elsewhere and your proposal won’t bring any improvement”. But many people react allergically in these moments.

I would like to see more courage from Gaijin to try new things. Because it’s not just the players who are greedy (in terms of event vehicles and the like), but also the snail has realised exactly what it needs to do to generate FOMO.

Wise words! Amen!