SimEC - Uncompletable Objectives


Last night I was in a SimEC session at 8.3 BR. The tasks that involved killing bombers, attackers, and surveillance aircraft were uncompletable due to the aircraft being too fast to catch by players. It wasn’t just me, nobody could catch them. The bomber/attacker formations didn’t even stick around long enough. Just zipped in, then zipped out with no window of opportunity to attack.

This is frustrating because it retards game progression, and prolongs the current event progress. All the economy changes have been undone by uncompletable objectives across the board… Please take a closer look at SimEC objectives, the aircraft they involve, and if the players aircraft can even intercept them or not. Convoys also need to be toned down so players can get close enough to actually attack them.

Uncompletable objectives contribute to the increasing bot and zomber problems we have in SimEC. If players can’t complete objectives, they’re naturally gonna resort to cheap gameplay, like airfield farming.


And then these impossible tasks don’t always alternate, one side then the other. Sometimes the same team gets them over and over and over. Ends up as a steady stream of points for the other side every time the ‘destroy’ mission fails…. Maybe the players on that team don’t win much and need a little help, eh?


Very true. I’ve been on the side that isn’t receiving any objectives before. It’s infuriating to be wasting my time in these broken matches. It’s destructive to player motivation.

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💯 The objectives ought to never include aircraft that are a more high BR than the maximum BR of the tier of the match.

I remember matches where the maximum br was 8.7 and while everyone is flying sabres, etc, the bombers and surveillance were Harriers ( more rapid aircraft ).

Another issue that I have noticed is that In matches where BR is 3.0 maximum, defenders of airbases for one side are FW 190-A1 which are 3.3.

Gaijin is happy to have essentially impossible objectives because this means that you are more likely to purchase premiums, gold-eagles…

We shall see what happens.

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Myself and my wing(wo)man have this issue all the time. Only a couple hours ago, we were both struggling to catch an F-86 recon jet in the F-8C with full burner and hovering at .99 mach the whole way through.
As for the convoys, I can happily state that the SPAAG targeting changes are appreciated, but I also think that SPAAGs are still too accurate off the rip. I’ve been nailed by a ZA-35 at 2km AGL with about 1100 kph on the speedometer and had my tail sniped off before I can even size the situation up and spot the objective. I absolutely love the challenge of having to bob and weave through anti-aircraft fire, but instant tail and pilot snipes aren’t a challenge. It’s just broken.

I agree.

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Gaijin did a sloppy job with the rotation. the AI is completely messed up. not only nation but also rank. a developer should take a day to sort the AI.
or it’s pure chicanery to annoy us.


The props were always fine and obviously top rank jets - being fastest things there are - never had a problem, but just below top tier and early jets often had issues catching bombers/recce even pre-rotation. The rotating BR brackets just exacerbates the problem some days. I was trying to catch T-2s in an F9F a couple weeks ago.

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And a perfect example of what I was talking about there is the Dover mission. The bombers which orbit in D4 until they’ve all been shot down always come from the team on the French side of the Channel (usually Axis, unless a player-created room). Within minutes of one formation being shot down, there’ll be another heading into D4 just waiting to give points to the team on the UK side of the Channel.

Once upon a time things were different and bombers alternated (and actually bombed targets). If you’d just escorted your bombers off the map you could be very sure enemy bombers would appear on the other side of the map at any moment.

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Having played a Dover match in the lower EC brackets, I can back this up. It’s too easy to complete the objective if you’re left alone by the other side.