SimEC needs relevant Daily Tasks

The current Daily Tasks for SimEC are not dynamic enough to reward players who are flying anything other than fighter aircraft. Unlike AB/RB tasks, SimEC tasks offer very few things to get rewarded for. The common get so many crits, kills, or assists tasks only cover a fraction of the actual gameplay.

These tasks ignore duties such as capturing A points, bombing bases, killing surveillance aircraft, killing formation aircraft, and killing ground/water vehicles.

This lack of foresight leaves sim players with not many options when it comes to participating in the Battle Pass events, or just simply being rewarded for gameplay like AB/RB players are.

Please create Daily Tasks for SimEC that reward players for playing the mode the way it was meant to be played. Tasks that reward players for completing objectives and contributing to the overall win for the team.


Task ideas:

-Capture X amount of A points.
-Spend X amount of time in A zones. (a possible alternative to captures, since they can be hard to cap if your team isn’t helping, or they’re full of zombers)
-Kill X amount of formation bombers/attackers.
-Kill X amount of surveillance aircraft.
-Kill X amount of ground/water units.
-Kill X amount of bases.
-Drop X amount of bomb tonnage.


you are undoubtedly right. but isn’t it better not to think about rewards at all when playing and instead focus entirely on teamwork and tactics? question: do you have ambitious research goals at the moment? or is your motto “enjoy the flight!”?

immediately switching off usefull action and repair costs instead of spawn costs would be the first thing most people here would do as developers. these measures would probably have a direct positive effect.

But back to your suggestion.
… and you have just answered my question :D

…I just wanted to ask what ideas you have

As of now, I never think about doing Dailies as I play. But it would be nice to have some dynamic tasks that do reward me. Whether by surprise or by intent.

that’s right. otherwise we’ll go crazy.

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Exactly. The current daily task pool does not allow me to play the mode in a way that compliments my gameplay, if I’m actively trying to compete objectives.

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yes but keep in mind that some tasks can also have a totally negative effect on your game. if i have the task “kill three players with one round victory” in a tank battle then i drive tanks like a drunk because I am so determined to achieve this goal. nothing works. Drama llama in the tank and I get killed 3 times.

nevertheless, there would certainly be good tasks for EC. it’s a good idea.

Another need for improvement is to reward task completion immediately, instead of after battle.

SimEC battles can regularly take +/- 2 hours. That’s a long time to have to wait to start the next task, and does not align with completing all 3 “Daily” tasks (including the Special task) in an adequate time frame.

We should be able to J out and and start the next task without having to leave the current match. This will also create a more dynamic environment where players have different tasks to complete, instead of everyone competing for the same one.


Precisely, if people have more choice of objectives, more chances they do teamwork

I fly mainly for fun, but if you want to have fun with new planes, you have to worry also about grind …

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Some of the tasks are ‘doable’ but some are highly unlikely or just blind luck and, as you say, there’s not much variety when you look at the number of potential tasks. Get X critical hits is a pretty decent one that simply requires working at and it will be achieved. X assists appears highly problematic; I’ve done well at this by shooting up AI formations, ceasing fire once I see a crit and letting team mates get the kill; however, if no team mates are around to get the kill within 30 secs or so it doesn’t count; you can easily play 3 hrs and not get a single assist despite trying the whole time. As for ‘kill X strike aircraft,’ well, I just give up on that from the start. Play 3 hours, get any number of kills, but, “oh dear player, none of them were strike aircraft.” Really Gaijin, what about the… “No, no, that was a heavy fighter.” Yea, but the… “Nope, frontline bomber.” Just FO.

having sim included as an option for the battle pass would be a great addition imho

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