Sim steering

Hey Guys. Hope u like the new Update like i do ! :)

So im pretty confused. I Play Sim VR for about 3 Years now and its fun as HELL!

But, i got some Problems using my F16`s and the New Su27.

The Problem: After i start, nether the F16 or Su27, the Airplane is kinda Hard robbish, wrobbeling minor to no controll till about 600/700kmh. Or even above.
So its pretty hard to fly them effectively.

These are the only Aircrafts, i got this Problems on.

Ofc i got my own Control Settings due to Roll Pitch and Yaw.
Which i never had a Problem on any HighTopTier Jets.

I got other settings for my Probs, but they are working.

Here are my Settings for HighTier.
Roll Axis:
Deadzone: 1.105
Nonlinearity: 1.6
Multiplier: 0.85
Correction: 0

Pitch Axis:
Deadzone: 1.11
Nonlinearity: 1.6
Multiplier: 0.86
Correction: 0

Yaw Axis:
Deadzone: 0.7
Nonlinearity: 1.6
Multiplier: 0.76
Correction: 0

BTW: Im Playing on “Extreme 3d Pro” Logitech

May Someone Could help me out in This 2 Beautis of Aircrafts <3

Ty A lot and have a nice Day.

Use SAS damping. It’s called Toggle SAS mode under Controls Mode section. Very important for jets.


wow, ty.
im impressed mate. Holy

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wow ty so much mate, always fly without it x)
It feels Great!! :) <3

Another Question now.

Can i set my Crontrolls back to Multiplayer 1.0 then and the rest also?

I keep all my multipliers at 1. What’s the reason you changed them?

Exactly so. Non-linearity, multiplier can both be left at 1 unless there’s a very, very special reason to change them. The only aircraft I’ve ever considered changing them for is the Spitfire series post the FM change a few years ago.

Nonlinearity is War Thunders way to add a curve to an axis. It makes the center of the axis less sensitive. Think of it as a virtual stick extension.

Yea, that’s why I consider it when flying Spits (pitch axis) and it seems to work quite well as you never need to get anywhere near full deflection. Still more than enough elevator deflection for low speed control without needing to fully deflect stick, while much reduced twitchiness during normal manoeuvres.

WHY ISN’T THIS ON THE LOADING SCREEN!!! OMFG, i started REALLY getting into Sim last few months here, and for the LIFE of me, could NOT figure out WTF was going on with the F16 and some other top tiers… i can land/take off in the Viper without feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster if I move the stick more than .00001 deg. lol. Thanks.

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Yea, surprising when you consider how well documented the rest of the game is… ;)

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You do need curvature with any stick without an extension in any sim. I have a VKB Gladiator NXT and I’ve applied a fair amount of curvature at firmware level. I did have to add 1.2 of non-linearity in WT on top of that when I started to fly the Mirage 2000 without SAS. You don’t get full control authority with SAS.