SIM SPAA doesnt miss a shot (it is too op)

It seems that they cant decide wether to nerf it or un-nerf it, because spaa is once again the most deadly thing in the battlefield. It’s so bad rn, that all ground attackers are more effective as bombers than actual ground attackers.

So far i’ve tried multiple approaches but non seem to work. Guided weapons would be the way to go, but it is really hard to spot where the tanks are while looking through the camera and trying not to get shot down by the laser of dead. Not to mention the fact that night vision, just doesnt seem to work. In a air rb/ground rb (and even in ground sim) night vision lights up the targets, making it easy to shoot them down from afar, but this doesnt happen in air sim. 90% of the time, targets wont show up, leading to the funny situation of you getting shot down while trying to spot where the white dots are.

All this has been an ON and OFF issue with sim battles. At this point it would be just easier for everyone to just remove the spaa entirly. I know this would somewhat take the challenge away, but simply put, it is not a challenge this days, is just a straight up impossible task to complete without dying instantly.


Yes, using TV guided from the F-16 while firing AGM-65Bs is better than using the Su-39 NV in SB. However, finding targets in SB depends on your graphic settings; I play in a low setting, so it is pretty hard to spot a target more than 10km away; however, when I play on PC with a Max setting, I can easily see targets from 20++km away.

Using a targeting pod with TVD helps tremendously, rather than using NVD if possible. Interestingly, the only SPAA that I find too powerful is convoy SPAA rather than small base SPAA or stationary SPAA.

Its been like this for over a year. They fixed it briefly last year and then for some reason un-did it. Very very annoying. Only way to attack is guided weapons with thermal T-Pod, at least thats what i’ve found. I wouldnt even try flying near them with anything else

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Yeah, its this SPAA more than any other that is way over-tuned, though it could all do with a mild tune down

I play on max graphics 4k, 32" and things are not any better.
The problem is that the engine derenders objects for some reason and they render back in when you are already fired at. That is the issue.

Happens to me 50 % of the time with convoys and with the grid battle stationary skirmish units. Sometimes it happens with player planes where I am looking at them and they just poof disappear only to render back in 20 seconds later. It’s too funny when I look in my LANA pod with thermals, lock a target, then go back into my cockpit only for the actual unit render when I am 500m away. IDK man. Issues with over accurate SPAA, units not rendering in… my guess it is all on purpose, like they don’t want us to play CAS in SB.

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For player vehicles disappearing and appearing again, I think it has already been a problem since the Apex Predator updates, and it affects all game modes (ground, air, naval. SB, RB, AB). Sometimes, the AI also does that, but it is not a problem, at least for me. From my experience, AA starts to fire at around 3.5-4km range, so you can begin to turn away when nearing the 5km mark; using guided weapons is a must, though.

yes, for Gaijin, all SB players who attack ground targets are “abusers”. this is the fault of the people who have made permanent “stop farming/stop abuse” terror here in the forum for 2 years.
besides usefull action, too strong SPAA is another typical anti-abuse measure that is supposed to slow us all down and punish us.
this is not a coincidence and not a programming error.
this is the logic of developers who only have RB in their brains. and the fault of players who, as anti-abuse help sheriffs, give the wrong feedback that harms Sim.

on sinai, the convoys get stuck under the floor and then the sidams just pilot snipe you, it’s ridiculous

I would like ground units to fire fake ammo, only to raise atention of enemy players that there is someone there, and keep the thing more PvP … AAA is stealing my kills !!!

No way, if we ask to stop abusers, and they take measures agains all players, that’s not our fault XD

Yeah I haven’t played SB in 6 months, come back and it’s still complete whack.