Sim EC Rewards, too low? Too high? Just right?

Hi there,
I just had a nice match but only made 34k RP with the FGR2, I have a Talisman and premium. I feel like for the number of kills there should be a higher RP gain. I know the lowish income is mostly in place to stop exploitation but this sadly also hurts all the normal players. What are your opinions on that and what thoughts do you have on how to prevent exploitation and change the income?

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Gaijin’s solution to cheaters, is to punish their legit playerbase…


Unfortunately Warpig is right, too many botters have exploited SB in the past and its caused a massive knock on affect. SL gains are okay these days, but RP is very low in my opinion.

In the FGR2, are you hitting bases as well? Dumping bombs on targets might be a way to increase your gains whilst also engaging in air to air. But yeah, PvP is very limited rewards at the moment


yeah for PVP they are 100% too low, they need to increase rewards for kills, excluding rocket and bomb kills because those can be farmed

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No I did no bombing, this was really just pure PVP

If you take a handful of bombs, even if you end up just ditching then when you need to. You may get even more.

my opinion is always one and same #FIXRPINCOME

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Cheaters pay for premium, thats probably why. /s

I think he would get the same reward if he bombed a lot of bases, and killed even more people, it’s the usefull actions that limits the reward.

You can make max RP & SL gains if you kill someone every 15 mins, and don’t die. With that match duration, he could have the same rewards with 4 kills if he doesn’t die.

PvE rewards in a well done PvPvE environment should be good to, for example, each time you kill an AI bomber, you are exposing yourself to enemy players … the problem is the exploits.

Bombing in a well done PvPvE environmet is also a challenge, and should be well rewarded too.


I have generally been a bomber / strike aircraft pilot in air sim, but recently have been trying my hand more as a fighter pilot. And… The rewards are weird. I’m currently struggling to get over 90% of the maximum rewards as a fighter pilot even with end of game activity at high 90% (I had one game that I earned about 91% of the maximum rewards accounting for my deaths, while my activity reported as 97% at the end of game). I had checked this in the past for destroying bases and the end of game activity matched well with the rewards. It also looks like it takes me two kills to get about a 92% reward within a 15 min period. Bombing one base can give equivalent rewards to killing two aircraft in 15 minutes and is easier for me to repeat with regularity. I’m not a very good fighter pilot so 5+ kill games are something of a rarity for me, but I’m wondering if the rank modifiers for kills against lower rank aircraft are being applied to the useful rewards.

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If you concentrate on completing objectives, you’ll get decent rewards.

Get them A points, kill surveillance aircraft, and kill bomber/attacker formations and you’ll be surprised how much you make after an hour or more session.

Don’t stress so much for player kills. Just kill when you see an opportunity while doing objectives.

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Yeah, this has always been my observation, so i’d normally take some bombs on my “fighter” and do hybrid. In the Tornado F3, I find it exceedingly hard to generate a profit. You have to play super defensively otherwise you just go broke. Ive had sorties where I ran out of fuel before I found a target to shoot at, Ai or player.

For me it seems like its always on the lower side for some reason. I always get around the same silver lions/RP gain in most of my matches. The soft cap is real.

Rewards are terrible. Lets take Ouragan for example since that is what i play now. Repair cost is 17,603 for SB. Max useful actions is 1400x15=21000 that you get if you dont get shot down and land after period. So profit is barely 3397 SL for doing objectives. If you dont land you are in loss of 803 SL after 15 minutes. Profit comes after 15 minutes and you can get easly killed while doing almost anything if not by players in that period. And that is if you max out useful actions in that period.

I don’t disagree with you. I’m just giving some advice on how to make the best of the current situation as a fighter in SimEC.

Well, the whole SB game was OK back then, farming players knew where to be, and PvP guys still got decent rewards for their actions. I don’t see there is a conflict between the 2 types of players since there are plenty of resources for both.

But after gaijin nerfed the SB reward system, a large number of farmers have turned to RB for more effective gain, and the results are the number of rooms available for game players dropped sharply, and PVP guys had to constantly end up in a room where few of those who gain smoothly and peacefully.

The point is, that in the air SB, both PVP and farming are allowed since Gaijin put a target on everything apart from players. To get a better reward system needs the corporation from both sides.

They are complete junk compared to RB

A 25 minute game in RB where u survive to clock runs down with 2 or 3 kill is like 27-50k total rp depending on prem plane or not.

That’s like 2+hours in SB of non-stop piloting.

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It’s the useful actions system and not the reward systems that’s lacking. It’s ridiculous that you play a harder mode and aren’t rewarded accordingly. IMO Sim is the most fun and most realistic game mode but it sucks that the rewards per hours is not even close to the other modes.

I also play in VR with a HOTAS setup so playing other modes is a severe disadvantage as mouse aim players have no need to coordinate their turns in order to shoot accurately (and still mouse aim is allowed in SIM which is baffling to me, though at least it’s somewhat more challenging from what I understand).

Beyond the fact that rewards are capped, not having any feedback as to what actions get rewarded and how much it is really hard to judge what is the best way to maximize your time. I’d like to see the system reverted back to straight rewards for actions but if that isn’t going to happen I’d like to at least get a notice of how much rewards you’ve just earned and when you’ve reached the cap have it say that you’re maxed out so at least you know and possibly use that time to RTB

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Sim rewards are too low, the solution is to bring back the old rewards system and increase it accordingly compared to RB in order to take into account the higher skill level required to do well in sim. Then do what every other MMO does in regards to farmers and exploiters, moderate the rooms and ban their accounts with no appeal. We have been through every possible scenario including massive pushback from the community when this rewards system was introduced and none of it worked. Without proper moderation the useful actions system is here to stay.

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