Sim Aircraft related bugs/changes/idk?

Hey folks!

Im a m&k player dont have any joystick etc.
I recently started again in Air Sim and discovered a few things on specific aircraft.
For ex the Bf109 G6 (premium for sweden) cant use his side rudder trimming in the actual game, but in the test flight it can.
Or the A5C (premium for China) his SAS Mode (stabilization mode) got deleted also on Q5As but in the changelogs I didnt saw anything bout this. Maybe i dont got it but its pretty annoying to deal with. Bc i cant test flight every single plane especially when in the test flight it says it works and then in the actual match i didnt.
Anybody relate to this ? Has same issues? Or maybe Im totally wrong and didnt get a specific changelog ?


If memory serves me right (which is debatable…), I think in Sim it’s not trimmable because IRL the aircraft uses “trim tabs”, little metal surfaces that can be bent on the ground to adjust trim in flight. So as it’s not trimmable in the air, the trim does not work in Sim.

Not sure if it’s even implemented that it can be trimmed in test flight, and trim would be saved and used in Sim while in flight. I think I’ve read something in this direction somewhere, but again, I can be mistaken…

Edit: Or I was wrong altogether. See details here: BF109 Ruder trim? | Aircraft of World War II - Forums

You are correct - BF-109 uses trim tabs which are not adjustable from the cockpit but can be bent by ground crew to set fixed rudder compensation for specific condition.

In test flight you can simulate this setting, by adjusting all trims and then pressing “trim fixation” button. This way the setting will be stored and applied at the beginning of each battle.

My preference: trim the 109 to fly straight and level at around 500km/h in a test flight, then save the settings.

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okey thats cool. Ill try that later.