Shvak/B20-S cannon damage

Hello everyone.

Have they tweaked Real Shatter at all or done something to the cannon damage/aircraft strength as all of a sudden my Shvak’s etc have gone from being realistically anaemic to all of a sudden death lasers. I’ve gone from having to give aircraft fairly solid bursts to simply 1 tapping tails and wings clean off. Even with tougher aircraft like Corsair’s one tiny burst is dissecting them.

I know many will want to give me a virtual slap for complaining about killing people too easily but it feels like even more of our realism has been sucked away. Why bother with larger calibre cannons when weak 20’s punch like rapid fire Mk-108’s.

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Or you just learned how to shoot. I never had any issues with Russian cannons. But I havent played them for months now…

Believe is was this changelog Update - Updates - Game - War Thunder. overall though realshatter is not the cause of the issues people were/are having with guns. it is simply an algorythm that takes numbers gaijin give it, and produces the damage on the models. Ultimately gaijin controls fully how much damage is done by guns, and there are people who like lots of damage, and people who like less damage, you cant please everyone.

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Pahaha hell no. You haven’t seen me shoot.

Last night I had a P-51 on my nose and I “flicked” the nose over his right wing, couldn’t have been any more than 3 rounds that hit him and yet his wing was completely severed. The amount of tails I’ve easily tapped off is madness.

Yeah I think this is the problem, the issue is probably that mainly the RB crowd just want an easy time/max damage whereas I’d imagine most of us would prefer realism. The Shvak was a famously weak cannon, yet due to the damage at the moment and the high fire rate they’re easily one of the most powerful cannons for me right now

It defintely benefits some vehicles more than others, some of the boom and zoom aircraft that have to play conservatively do require quick kills or else you can be reversed, or you can get irritated and overcommit because your guns are just sparking, or just get swarmed by multiple people because you couldnt lock down a kill quickly enough. I would say that gaijin should use realism as a baseline to start at, and then adjust from there but yeah, not everyone is going ot be happy

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I think they’ve since reverted the damage back to the way it was with the last update thankfully as my Hispano’s are no longer 1-tapping aircraft apart and my Spitfire felt like it could actually survive a hit last night.

That said one oddity that did occur was I set a P-47 alight with the MG’s (quick burst) and it burned him to a crisp… something not quite right there.