Should we add F-111 into the game?

I just wanna ask you guys is it ok to put F-111 into the game? please put your suggestions here

Im surprised its not here already. F-111, Tornado IDS and Mig-27 Update would have been very well recieved. They’ve come in piecemeal, and far apart. but 2/3 have been added F-111 would be a very good addition at similar TT placement to the others.

Oh please...

More likely in an F-111, Su-24 update.

Yeah, that would be good. Could throw in things like the Buc S2B or Jaguar Gr3A in that update as well


F-111? Really? Nooooooo /s
For real though, the Pave Tac capable planes are pretty badly needed, a later block F-4E and F-111 should be added, or should’ve been added a while ago, they’re way overdue. As of right now at least the US have one ( this patch) tech tree plane with LGBs, but it’s still not a dedicated fighter bomber or interdiction plane like the F-4E or F111. Kinda sucky IMO


It would be a solid jet addition for the F-105 line, as that has no real reason for players to grind it at the moment, I’m all for more jet diversity at top tier in any form.


It would also allow for more bombing options then the Premium F-4 with a massive bomb load under the wings for top jets.

^A Pave Tack reference?

The F-111s are mentioned in this Linebacker II documentary.

Skip to the 26:10 min mark.


I wish GBUs were fully and properly incorporated into CCRP. Would be really cool. Especially if/when we get GPS guided bombs

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First of all, it is necessary to increase the range of visibility to at least 50km in order to properly work those bombs that are already in the game (PGM). Without this, gps guidance will be meaningless.

With AIM-9M coming, I think the late F-111F with 6x AIM-9M and Vulcan or 2x AIM-9M + variety of bombs would be a good 10.7+, depending on what ordinance it gets.

In my opinion, it should get everything it used (basically all variants of GBU-10, 12, 24, 28, 15), including the AGM-130, which would make it at least 11.3, probably

man! thanks to you guys to do all these suggestion! this is my first time here and it make me have a lot of hope to make more about this in the future! thank you :)

I mean it would be kinda bad (and I mean BAD) if it was introduced now knowing it would perform somewhat similar to the Panavia Tornado IDS. It should’ve been introduced much earlier but it is a bit too late, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be added though.

Yes :)



No way it would be that low with those. Tornado Gr1 (and other IDS) are 11.3 with only 2x Aim-9L and smaller version of hte bomb load. It would at minimum be 11.3 as well, but I could see it being a little higher, maybe 11.7. But I could see it lower, maybe 11.0 ish with just Aim-9Ls. It would be quite a hard jet out of necessity unfortunately

You’re right, I put the BR too low. I do think the F-111F should get AIM-9M (being the best variant of the Aardvark ever), so at that point it can also get its full ordinance loadout, going to 11.3+

I would say 11.3 minimum would be good, as even with AIM-9M and Vulcan, it would have a rather poor T/W at 11.3 (I think it is around 0.7), and ok climb rate with mediocre maneuverability (worse than Tornado, surely, as it is heavier and worse T/W). This is why 6x AIM-9M would be relatively balanced.

If it gets AGM-130, then 11.7 minimum, definitely. Unfortunately, it would not be able to use the full capabilites of the AGM-130 due to the targeting pod being quite bad, but even then, AGM-130s would be much better than basically anything else it carries, and it can carry 4 of those + 2x AIM-9M.

Not every addition has to be a meta defining air superiority fighter. People will play it regardless, same as the F-105 and A-7s


Yeah 11.3-11.7 is a lot more reasonable. Unfortunately like a lot of Striker bombers, ARB will never be a good home for it. But would be a really fun aircraft in SB.

I could see it still getting 9Ls though, whilst yes its worse than the Tornado In a turn, it does have the advantage of quantity with 6 vs 2. It would be a tricky call, one that I dont think can be made till we see what 9Ms are like after a bit of live time.

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