Should Ventour be placed in Rank VI and with a BR of 9.0?

Cause I haven’t played France jet for a while, I didn’t even notice the old Iseral Ventour II A in France tree now need to take off from airport. Now Ventour needs to take off from airport with a very slow speed, and sometimes facing F104 or F100, and it doesn’t make any sense since II N later version have a Rank V with 8.3BR?

I agree it doesn’t make sense to remove it’s air spawn. France has no rank V bombers at all now. But other nations do.

It is still playable but not in a way where you rush to bomb. You have to wait and circle around. Then go bomb when there are no enemies nearby. But if a F104 or anything fast / with missiles sees you, you are dead without being able to do anything.

I think it’s because the Vautour is fast, so they wanted to nerf it.

I also think it’s because they want to prevent bots, so they ruin bombers / make it harder. Especially since the Vautours aren’t premiums, so botters using them = no money for Gaijin.

But the main reason is because Gaijin has intense xenophobia against France.