Should the Coelian (Flakpanzer 341) be brought back?

In my recent ventures into Ground RB, I met a player who had this tank called the Flakpanzer 341. He was quite good with it and had 6 air kills that match and it seemed like quite a good SPAA. So, I go to check the tech tree to see when I can research this awesome SPAA.

It isn’t there. I can’t research it. Well, why is that?

Turns out it was removed back in 2019 for not being “realistic enough.”

Well, that’s odd. “Not realistic enough” even though the R2Y2’s are in the game which are complete paper aircraft that were never built.

Not to mention, it almost existed. The guns were built and I think it’s time to add it back into the tech tree. But, ONLY the Coelian as the Panther 2 and Tiger 2 10.5cm never existed or were actually even partially built.

The Coelian would fill quite a gap between the Ostwind 2 (which never existed either) and the Kugelblitz. I really don’t see any reason why this thing should stay removed and adding it to the German tree would help for people who want an SPAA in their 6.3 lineup or just really like playing SPAA.



Unfortunately, it’s one of the three that are confirmed not coming back.


aw, that’s sad :( I would have really liked to play it sometime.

Yeah, I also missed this one.

I wouldn’t mind it coming back, and besides according to at least a few authors it is quite likely that the Ostwind II is a mostly paper vehicle as well.

As for the Panther II, in all honesty, the Panther II could definitely come back as it was indeed partially built (just never had a turret built, although one was designed) and it even still exists today as a museum piece as seen below:


Meanwhile the Panther II with the more accurate ‘Turm Panther 2 (schmale Blendenausführung)


It’s a good SPAA, but it’s only real advantage is it’s turret. Most CAS believe it’s a Ostwind II and will try and strafe it, which usually ends not well for them.

One drawback it does have, is plan your positions, because you don’t have a great reverse like most panthers.

Yeah it’s good but not 6.3 material compared to lower spaas. It’s worse than the r3 at 5.7 (for ground and air targets). The leaked flakpanzer zerstorer should be better in ground and air roles. Without hvap it could be 6.0 and then there would be no need for the corelian

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R2Y2s should also be removed.

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I am one of the lucky ones that had coelian and 10.5 Tiger unlocked.
So, I have them. Well, I haven’t bought the 10.5 Tiger, but I have access to it.
Missed the panther 2 and Maus, sadly.

I think SPAAs should be more varied and otherwise have more options.
So yes.

Can you give more of an explanation than just “no?” Because the clear explanation it seems from you is that you are gatekeeping it.

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Gaijin’s plans are always changing.

A few months before the supersonic update they mentioned that AAM are never going to be in the game
Now we have a missile meta in top tier matches.

It is not going to be impossible for ever


Wow, you got a clear explanation from a single word, impressive.

The Panther II at no point in its development had a Schmalturm. The Panther II project was canceled months prior to the Schmalturm being started. So most likely the Panther II would have gotten the Panther G turret on a slighly modified chassis. Almost certainly what we got on the Panther F so the Panther F is already more of a Panther II than was ever planned

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Are you incapable of giving an answere or just to much of an *** to do? if it is the latter you should not post in the forum. As your “no” post already violates the forum rules

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Indeed, the Panther II with Daimler-Benz’s Schmalturm was a mistranslation of documents by Speilberger that he later corrected in subsequent books.

Hillary Doyle however found documents stating that Rheinmetall was contracted to design and build the Panther II turret, and that is what the schmale Blendenausführung was supposed to be. However, as with many late-war projects, no prototype of the turret was constructed although proposals to mount it on the Panther itself after the cancellation of the Panther II were made.

Rheinmetall’s schmale Blendenausführung, note this is a different turret than Daimler-Benz’s Schmalturm




I would like it back but I highly doubt gaijin would do it. They replaced it with the Ostwind 2 (which is arguably even more paper than the coelian)

yep. I love the ostwind 2 to death and I love making the match a no fly zone when i spawn in but it has is super weak to mg’s from aircraft.

Not to mention, the Coelian fills that 6:3 spot with the Tiger 2, walker bulldog, and the one tank destroyer (forgot its name sadly.)

But, you are correct. It will probably remain gone, which is very sad

R2Y2s are being removed just like Flak 341 when a replacement is found.
This was announced when Flak 341 was removed. All fake vehicles are on the chopping block.
Ostwind 2 did exist according to military documents, but was lost in transport to the testing facility.
Ostwind 2 is what replaced Flak 341, it’s not coming back.
Flak 341 is also 7.0, not 6.3.


R2Y2s were announced to be removed, there’s still no replacement.


Gaijin never said AAMs would never be in the game.

you sure about that br cheif? Wiki says 6.3 and matches i’ve played at 5.3 have had them in there, I also lack a belief that the 341 and Kugelblitz are at the same br because the Kugel is better in virtually every way.

Also, yes, I understand the point of removing paper vehicles to make them game more realistic. However, 1 thing doesn’t sit right with me:

If they wanted these vehicles gone for realism, why don’t they remove them for EVERYONE? These vehicles are still roaming around, just in less numbers. You can still see them do the argument for realism doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

They just feel gatekept instead of maintaining realism which is supposedly what Gaijin wants from this.