Should the BR Spread be reduced to 0.7 Maximum

Just a simple poll. Yes or No should the BR spread for Matchmaking be reduced to no more than 0.7.

[Set Matchmaking BR Spread to 0.7]
  • Yes
  • No

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While there is some logic in that, I believe that just simply DECOMPRESSING the BRs would have the same effect, while keeping the 1.0 spread that keeps it rather simple to understand.


Yeah but as a counter to that the 0.7 matchmaker spread would be a lot easier to implement as Gaijin wouldn’t have to completely redo the tech tree


This has been asked and discussed 368 times since 2015


Maybe if we get enough people to vote, and we bring it to their attention they might listen this time. Hopefully it doesn’t take another review bombing and strike to get them to listen again.

Decompress, not ruin the game with a horrific matchmaking idea.

And you’re threatening a review bombing if War Thunder’s BR’s decompress. Holy evil.

0.7 is more difficult to implement.
You still have to analyze all vehicles in the game, decide where they’ll go, even if the end goal is 0.7.
It’d take longer to change to 0.7 than just to decompress.


That decision has already been made, the whole point of the 0.7 matchmaker is that the game is already balanced in such a way that it would work, whereas BR decompression would require assigning almost every vehicle in the game a new BR


BR decompression won’t cause a review bomb

Well Doc is threatening one if Gaijin ignores his horrifically unthought out idea.
0.7 doesn’t work for 2 reasons.
1: It turns 4 steps into 3, a compression in the BR matchmaking.
2: It assumes more than 50% of vehicles are compressed, which has not been proven by anyone ever.
2a: I counted 1.3BRs of compression when I did my analysis. It took 5+ hours.

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The issue that a 0.7 matchmaker addresses is that there are very few aircraft that perform well enough in a full up tier to be enjoyable, however most slight up tiers are perfectly fine, it makes the matchmaker more balanced and increases the usability of a lot of aircraft at BRs that have really bad matchmakers and it means that the same problem is unlikely to appear in the future, instead of having this mild BR decompression that we have now which never seems to be enough

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From what I understand 6.3 - 7.3 air is perfectly balanced.*
P51H5NA needs to be 6.7.
And from 7.3 - ~8.7 is pretty much balanced.
Half of 9.0 is balanced. An amount of 9.3 is. And 9.7 there’s too much going on.
Props I haven’t fully analyzed personally, because decompressing ground decompresses air, and most of the compression for air from my looksee is 9.0 - 10.3.
And ground has a lot of decompression potential. 2.7, 5.7, further analysis of 8.3… at the least.
BUT, there’s nothing more than small pockets.

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Ok but here’s the thing, a 0.7 matchmaker won’t hurt the areas that are already fine and I can pretty well prove that, the worry is it will effect matchmaker wait time which it will however only very slightly, lets define a matchmaker bracket as a group of BRs that makes up a specific matchmaker so for example 1.0 - 2.0 is a BR bracket the same is true for 9.3 - 10.3, now adding up all possible different brackets you end up currently with 33 different BR brackets if my math is right, now if you change the matchmaker to a 0.7 range do you know how many unique brackets it adds? The answer is 1, it add 1 extra unique BR bracket, which logically means you can expect only a 3% increase in wait time to get into a match, if you contrast that with how depressing it is to play full up tier after full up tier now and I think it’s pretty clear the tradeoff is worth it

Except they will hurt the areas that are fine, cause no matter what stuff needs moved around.
It is faster & superior to just decompress.

So the first Fighters to get IR A2A missiles are around BR 8.3. No one around 7.3/7.7 has flares. By making it a 0.7 MM max that means only 7.7+ would see IR A2A missiles now. That would help a lot of players out.

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1.0 uptier in 10.0 for me is fine.
1.0 for me at 5.0 props is fine.
7.3 for me is fine in a 1.0 uptier. Same with 7.7.
Cause it’s at most 4x aircraft 1 BR higher, and technologies aren’t really that different.

They’re Aim-9Bs… just dodge.
Yes, I’ve dodged in my Me 262 Rocket Edition, 9Bs aren’t a game changing missile.

If you get sent a full 1 BR up into 10.7 you are in trouble. Many planes at 9.3 do not have flares/chaff yet. But many planes at 10.3 do.

War Thunder isn’t botted… and no one is trolling.
That’s also not what concern means.
How about just listen to each other?


Could you explain to me how it is faster to change up to 2000 numbers for vehicle BRs than it is to change 1 number in the matchmaker range?

Cause in both situations you still need to analyze and verify that balance of all vehicles in WT before making the change. And if it’s the matchmaker you change, you have to change BRs that would be imbalanced from that decision.
Say for example all heavy tanks in WT. Without the threat of 1.0 up-tiers, all heavy tanks instantly become stronger.
P51C10, potent 3.7. No uptier to 4.7? Instant vehicle clubber, far more powerful than XP50.
Let’s talk about A-5C. No threat to 11.0? Instantly more powerful. F-104S becomes a vehicle clubber again along with off the top of my head; F-5C, F-5E, Mirage 3E, A-10C, Su-25…
These are just the vehicles off the top of my head that would be drastically imbalanced from a 0.7 BR matchmaker that would need to be shifted back into balance.


Totally agree, the old 0.7 BR spread need go back.

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