Should the 1,5G limit that affects planes also be applied to missiles, manpads and sam?

Now with the new missile mechanics, which do infact make them behave more realistic, they got hit pretty hard in terms of effectiveness. While they are not completely useless it severely limits how you have to engage aircraft unless you want to waste missiles. One of the problems they face besides wobbling is that they are held to different standards than planes in war thunder.

Missiles are modelled after their real life counterparts, that doesnt apply to pilots and aircrafts though. Aircraft get a 1,5g multiplier to their real life value and pilots can sustain g forces longer and recover faster. That leads to situations where

SAMS and manpads irl engage targets with maximum overloads of 7g to 11g while in War thunder, most if not all aircraft can pull 10G in realistic. This results in more maneuverable planes that lose more speed in turns and thus benefit from smaller turning circles and more meneuverability.

If sams and manpads were held to the same standard as aircraft they could recieve improved effectiveness against aircraft in ground rb.

As there, for most nations, arent any better sam systems to add this buff could help the crippled spaa lineups of many nations to remain relevant for a bit longer.

Cries in F-16 ADF
I wish that multiplier would apply to all aircraft.
But to come back to ur suggestion. No, I don’t think they should.

I think only SAMS should be affected by this. Python 3s dont need to be more deadly.

this would obviously be a thing that could only be applied to ground sams for more balance.

I agree that we dont need phoenix with 25g pull and neither 45g r60m

75G overload R-73 πŸ’€


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alot of people seem to think i want it for aam missiles, i dont want that. I want it for SAMS and manpads only, basically aslong as the missile is launched from the ground against aircraft