Should nuke planes be immune to friendly fire?

  • No FF no collision
  • No FF
  • FF
  • Ban/penalty for FF
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1 day game ban would be more effective and have more impact on the player than disabling friendly fire


only if said player cared about the ban. they already dont care about the penalty or potentially getting reported by the entire lobby


In addition to no FF affecting it, having the damage that would have been done by the FF reflected onto the shooter would be a nice touch.


I’ll go one further. Nothing should have friendly fire outside of Sim. There is no gameplay benefit to it, and all it does is allow an extremely easy way for people who want to troll others, to do so.

Yes, we could increase the penalties for those who partake in this behavior, but that’s small comfort for those who actually suffer the most from it. Why not just prevent them from doing it in the first place? It’s the only option that actually stops this behavoir from ever happening.


They removed FF ground-ground. At this point skill has dropped to zero, so I don’t see why they don’t completely disable FF outside of Sim


So then bombers nuke caps being fought over with allies inside with impunity.
Jets fire missiles into dogfights because even if your missile hits an ally no harm no foul.
All of which happens now but they get punished for doing so.

Allowing planes to bomb with zero care about killing allies would destroy ground matches, especially single cap maps centered in a village or city that players pack into.
Turning off friendly fire for all modes would just further encourage braindead strikes or engagements without having to worry about your approach, allies in front of you, where the fight will be 30 seconds from now, no need to think when there’s no drawbacks to go in bombs or missiles blazing.

That sounds truly awful.


All vehicles should be immune to friendly fire in all situations except SB mode (Even there it ruins the mode right now, due to copy paste vehicles. But removing those vehicles or forcing them to have friendly livery is better than removing friendly fire)

Any side effects of that that seem bad is because of some other underlying bad game design which you should actually fix itself, not use as an excuse for keeping bandaids around (e.g. CAS being stronger: CAS shouldn’t exist in all ground modes anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if it was stronger with a proper ground only mode, for example)

They should actually return that friendly fire.


I think that nuke planes should not get special treatment. In general obviously not accidental teamkills should get WAY more severe punishment, nuke or not, than a cost in SL any premium player ignores.


And yet despite these punishments, players still do these. And the player that is most punished is the poor unfortunates who are the victims of this careless play. They’re the ones that are kicked out of the game as a result. Even if we up the punishment to the truly absurd, there’s still going to be people who do this either intentionally to troll, or inadvertantly. There’s no punishment that’ll completely stop trolls from considering the tradeoff worth it, and said harsh punishments feel needlessly harsh for genuinely unintentional kills.

As someone else in this thread already pointed out, if there’s an issue here, it’s with the ability for a single heavy bomber to wipe out an entire cap point with a single bomb, friendlies or no friendlies. It’s not like the presence of friendlies actually stops some of these players from wiping half of both teams on a bad bomb.

Dunno what game you’re playing then, because in my experience this is pretty standard. If I enter a tail chase at top tier, I have to flare to try and prevent friendlies trying to snake the kill and end up teamkilling me. Same if I energy trap someone. I even get team killed at prop tiers by overeager teammates following me.

Not to mention, it still won’t be a good idea to do this. If you waste a missile on a friendly by taking a bad shot, you’re still out a missile. Same if you waste ammo hitting a friendly. Whether or not said friendly dies, it’s just a waste of resources that a better player would be using more thoughtfully and maximising the amount of kills they can get with a given loadout.


Also stop the ticket bleed or slow it when a Nuke plane is spawned?


People do it in customs already people go into immortality. So what happens is they just start ramming you and there is no way to turn this off. Without turning off the collision hitbox. Meaning enemy planes wouldn’t be able to ram you either.


This talking about nukes

So then you dont have allies shooting you down in your nuke

I don’t think that friendly fire should be disabled for nuke planes without getting rid of friendly fire for everything. Which in and of itself is horrible, because then you’d end up with “no brain” bombing runs on tank maps and “just fire the missile i don’t care who it hits” missiles in air battles. It would encourage essentially turning your brain off to play, which in a game about realism should not be a thing (unless you’re in arcade).
And that’s another thing. Realism. Friendly fire is a real thing that happens that people in real conflicts have to contend with. Ideally it would only happen in accidents, but people in video games are petty.
In this case I think that what should happen is something like this;


Over consecutive games, resetting every couple games or so
1st friendly fire - Warning
2nd friendly fire - Warning but sterner
3rd friendly fire - 10 minute timeout
4th friendly fire - 20 minute timeout
5th friendly fire - 30 minute timeout
6th friendly fire - 1hr timeout
and increasing

with extended/harsher punishment for people who are reported as doing it intentionally, especially if its intentionally on a nuke plane.
Completely disabling friendly fire, or technically any “consequence” for friendly fire (because the friendlies won’t die), would also remove people actually thinking about what they do in any given situation and how to get through it best. Which seems like hyperbole because it seems like no one thinks while playing this game, but if there is no thinking then no one would win with real strategy and instead it would just be brute forcing energy into a problem until the match is won.

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Remove collision, remove FF… maybe just remove nuke from the game and that’s all?


That’s what they did to arcade, and it sucks!

I don’t even know what’s so great about dropping Weapons of Mass Destruction anyway. In my Opinion they should have never implemented it, same with Napalm. So I think it should stay the way it is :P

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Knock off a day or 2 of premium or subtract some eagles off of their account if they teamkill nuke planes.

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You will also propose 15 years in prison. People have shot down and will continue to shoot down these planes. Because not everyone likes the forced end of the game.

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