Should I play with ussr tanks or German tanks

Should I play with ussr tanks or German tanks?
I heard that ussr tanks have better armor and cannons but what about Germany? I need information and answers to my questions.


They are both really fun, so you should try both, but I personaly enjoy USSR more. I think their heavy tanks are better, which is the majority of my gameplay

Depends on which time of history tanks you like.

WW2 tanks - Germany
Cold War tanks - Germany
Modern Tanks - Germany

In all seriousness, both are viable options to play and in the end it mostly comes down to which ones aesthetics you prefer.

playing USSR will make you hear more people complain about “russian bias”.
playing germany will make you hear more people complain about “german mains” which is arguably bullying but whatever.
its all the more fun when you main germany and outskill them

Cope lol

truly one of the comments of all time


Comments of what?

Both have good vehicles. As Germany, you get the “puma” scout at BR 3.3 and good medium tanks.

On the other hand, Russia has several speedy tanks like BT 5 and BT 7 and also the T 50. So quite a lot of light tanks. Then at BR 3.7 Russia has the KV 2 heavy tank and also the KV 1.

I recommend playing USA, France or Italy too, just to get a feel for other light armour vehicles. I personally don’t like the way that the Puma handles, and Russian vehicles are rather unusual. I have one of the Russia anti-air trucks, the one that War Thunder fans refer to as “the milk truck” and it skids all over the place. The Russian tanks are worthwhile they are just eclectic, whereas the German vehicles are boring in my opinion. I’m talking about < BR 4.0 here, I went into other nations so I can’t speak for the more advanced vehicles, as I don’t even have all the WW2 tanks.

Just get playing and try both nations at once. You should be able to make a little bit of progress.

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France has some really good stuff. I whish I played enough France to get to their 7.7 line-up it looks really good, maybe even the best

France is awful at Rank I but once I got past that it was pretty easy. 2 years ago I remember working on the AMX FL 11 and struggling to get the upgrades for it on 1 month premium lol

France gets a good anti-air gun at BR 2.0 which also wrecks enemy tanks, then they’ve got the crusader and stuart. Crusader is great all-around and the Stuart is the best for flanking. I think France is beginner friendly even though the first half dozen vehicles are really bad. I make an exception for the AMD.35 - that vehicle is the whole reason I chose France as a beginner. I wanted a quick scout car and they have it right there, as the reserve vehicle. Also the Lorraine SPG is ok. It might not kill everything but its cannon does damage stuff, which means XP and levelling up.

I read a history book the other day, and the Germans stole dozens of those Lorraine SPG things and then built them into the Mauder. Now you know why the chassis looks similar haha.

edit: I have unlocked all the camo for the AMD.35 and I have a New Zealand flag on the front of it, and a red club (within a square) on both sides. It looks cool.


Oh, it is bullying, 100%. Even if people rationalise really really hard to tell themselves that it’s socially acceptable - it just isn’t.

There’s this YouTuber I follow, Rhsig: when he posts very good matches he has with Germany, he often ironically titles the video “Germany Suffers”. The irony of the title is reinstated in the description, just in case watching a match with 15 frags is not enough to make you understand that it’s ironic.

Well, look at this comment he got:

Perfection, really.

So true. I remember once I got Stalingrad on a full uptier to 7.7. An IS-6 player immediately said something like “Oh no fuck why am I paired with Germany, we’re gonna lose for sure” to which I said something like “pleasure to play with you too”.

Not only did we win the match; I got heavy metal hero and came in first, with the IS-6 player second, and we spent most of the battle fighting side by side. He was complimentary in chat at the end. It was a rare wholesome War Thunder moment.


I prefer to be called German main rather than being call Russian main.
people like to bully German players.
like hell Russian players are any better (even worse)

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There’s no simple or easy answer to your question really.
Both USSR and Germany have really good tech trees, and you’ll probably be happy with whatever you choose.

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the occasional super German teammate that you just telepathically link with makes the whole war thunder experience bearable ngl

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You won’t go wrong with both as others have said.

If you intend to play GRB then get into flying planes as well (CAS) sooner rather than later.

BR1-2 is worth passing through to get to 3-4 BR where the game comes alive for both nations.

I might say Germany 1, Russia 2 USA 3

Others might disagree but I think we would agree they are the top 3 nations for a newer player.

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Play both.

Germany is a little easier early on when learning the game, with solid low tier lineups. Soviets are a little harder to play when you get past reserve tiers.

Both have solid 3.3/.7/4.0 etc.


Don’t you have some tank you like the aesthetic of? Play the nation that has it and aim for it. If not, which I find unbelievable, just play Russia. It’s the safer bet for future changes.

Some in this thread said the soviets are worse early on, but in fact they have those T-28 that wreck everything easily, the menace that is T-50 and good enough tank destroyers. Then they get the plethora of T-34s and KV-1s that are more survivable than Pz. IIIs and Pz. IVs.
Whenever I play at T-34/Pz. IV BRs I’d rather face german tanks than soviet ones since the german ones are mostly easier to dispose of (cough stug III G cough annoying Puma cough) and the RNG agrees better when I shoot at them. Germany becomes really menacing at Tigers and Panthers BRs, until then it’s just good.

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USSR is pretty good early on 1.0-4.0 but generally Germany has better guns and better armour until 7.0.

Go for which tech tree you are interested in the most, it’ll help you get through the grind more than just an idea of which tech tree a person thinks is better.

Low tiers France used to be really bad with B1 bis as the single good tank. Now B1 bis is still ok, but overall feels worse than before , while the rest have improved. slightly. Yet France is still ithe worst nation early on since their usual guns shoot only AP (apart from foreign ones you mentioned and the TDs). Again the post-pen improved over the updates, but it still is freakin AP.

Disregarding the aesthetics I think any new player would prefer the likes of italian M13 over things like the french S35 cause on average he’d need to shoot more for kills.

USSR-Has the best helicopter tree
USSR - The most complained about tank is the T80-BVM (German guns can’t penetrate most of the time, there are a lot of topics on the forum about this :D)
USSR-Spaa killer bought a Mig29-SMT. It can destroy with kh 29 from a distance of 30 km. For top tier, I say USSR, for WW2, Germany, oh of course, it also has a legendary spa like Pantsir.