Should I get Northern King Battlepass or wait

I have enough GEs to get the battlepass and the improved version but I don’t know if I should get it or wait for the next battlepass

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Nah just wait man. This doesn’t have anything worth spending on in my personal opinion. Some might say otherwise tho so I guess see what the majority opinion is, but I’ll help ya get that with a quick poll:

  • Buy this Battlepass.
  • Wait for the next one.
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Personally, i buy the battle pass after unlocking all the vehicles. The top reward isnt unique at all but it is a decent vehicle.

If you want a decent tank to grind out the low/mid rank swedish tech tree, it is a good choice.

It depends. We don’t know what the next Battle Pass will have in store. It could be really interesting, or it could be really boring (cough Her Majesty’s Hussar cough). This one is also boring though, but it does also have possibly the only heavy tank Sweden will ever get, meaning technically this season is needed to do heavy tank daily and special tasks with Sweden. So it really depends. One thing you can do, which I highly recommend, is grind it all now without buying it meaning you’ll only get the free rewards. Then, when the next season’s devblogs come out later this months, if you don’t like the vehicles for next season, buy this one and you can get all of the prizes you would have gotten if you paid for it earlier.

There are 15 days left with this BP, so, making a fair amount of progression very limited. I mean you can, but with the time restrictions, to garner in very many of the prizes you will be spending a good deal of GE’s. That ofc is up to you. I play the BP all the time, and was even just doing tasks for Warbond stuff even before the BP came along. I would advise that if you are going to do a BP, start on it day #1. Work it as regularly as you can, doing the 2 Daily tasks and the Special task each day as time allows. At minimum do the 2 Dailies, that will get you a Special task which has no timer to it, so you can do those later when you have more time, say on the weekends, or whatever your personal schedule allows. You can buy the “Full Meal Deal” for 2500 GE’s and that gives you 15 levels right off the bat, and the reward for lvl 14 is 10 days of premium, which if you bought that outright, it’s roughly half the price of the BP anyway. Ideally, a player can buy the BP and then, doing the Dailies and as many Special tasks & Challenges as they can, reach lvl 125 and the next BP can be had for FREE. You can also sell the two better vehicles if you so desire, but be aware, there is a very lengthy waiting period to do that. I just keep them all now and go for lvl 125 . . . this is the way . . … ☻
I am currently at lvl 152, gathering in WB’s for the next BP as I have bought everything I want/can outta the WB Shop for this “season”. Personally, I do not really grind for specific vehicles anymore and enjoy just doing BP stuff all the time. The tasks are manageable, the rewards are ok and I get 3 vehicles with each & they are lower BR’s/tiers which I play more often than anything and they are premiums . . what’s not to like? Anyway, everyone plays differently and that’s just how I have been rolling with the game since the BP came about . . . I like it.
Good Luck whatever you decide
(as an example, I have 17 FREE booshes I have gotten outta the WB Shop doing this stuff)


I wait, lets see what the next Battle pass brings. I hope somthing good for germany ;-). From decals to units :-)

Btw. any info on when and what is in the next battlepass?

After july 24th. Since this one ends at that time

Next BP will start two weeks from Wednesday, so Devblogs about that one should start popping up the latter part of next week maybe? . . . there is supposed to be a naval event Soon™ as well, not exactly sure of the timeframe for that but it should be pretty close to that time also . . we will see.

Way to late in the round to buy the pass unless you are getting enough levels for it to matter for the rewards received. For example if you are missing ~10 levels to get the coupons for making the vehicles tradable it might be worth buying as the GJN you get from selling the vehicles usually more than pays for a future battlepass (not the direct next one though as there is a time limit before sale can be made).
i would personally wait until the next one unless you are already above lvl 100 and capable of reaching the coupons. if you buy the BP at the start you have more opportunity to play for the end goal of having the vehicles or getting them to sell.

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Man, who cares about some tiger 2 with uglier turret and no mudguards. wait for the next one

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Depends on wether or not you have unlocked enough levels in the battlepass to get the top vehicle rewars, and if you consider that vehicle reward good enough

ok thx. I hope they have so overworked naval somwhoe. Its atrocius for me. I tryed it multiple times but I cant. as much as I wish to get the cold war ships its a nightmare to fight the battles that are even mroe chaotic the ground RB. And no Sim mode for ships makes it even less apealing. Well lets see what comes.

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Wait for the next one, quite a few challenges are over for this BP, and since you need BP level for some challenges you won’t get much from these either.

How far did you get with logins & daily tasks though, on the free stuff?

I’ve made it to lvl 75. I would have made it to 125 easy, but I moved in the middle of the BP and haven’t been doing the BP sense then.

real life . . . what a buzzkill . . .


Fr man

Then if you want the Flagstaff (kinda meh tbh…) and the Kungstiger (probably kinda meh too, but I don’t play tanks much these days, also it’s the only heavy for Sweden) then by all means get it, though if you’re strapped for cash I’d probably wait for the next one, just easier to get further up on the BP.

Yeah. I’m not getting this one. I’d only get it if I knew I could sale it, but I’m not buying my way to saleing it. Not worth it

You do know that if you buy a BP once you can keep the vehicles and get free battle passes ever after, as long as you reach lvl 125 (which isn’t really hard…)?

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Don’t forget the daily login reward, it should give you around 20-21 BP levels just by doing that.

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